Monday, December 20, 2010

A giveaway of some wonderful fabrics

Wow I was just over at Retro Mummy and there is a wonderful giveaway going to happen soon with Flower sugar Oh wow, I would love to have all that fabric. Isn't it just gorgeous!


Mrs A said...

Hi there, i just got your comment re the garden and laughed! mine has gone to shit too!!
love this fabric, its so yummy, hope you win!
Are you doing Myra's challenge?

Ann Marie said...

Yes I am going to try, and I am trying to write it up for the PhD page, but I am new to blogger and am having a HUGE problem with more than one photo in the to figure it out.

Mrs A said...

Hi there Anne Marie, when you want to upload photos just click on the add image link and then just keep clicking on the photos you want to add, it might take a few minutes to upload, but they should appear, then just hit "add selected". Also make sure you click enter a few times after your text to give them room, and you can click+hold and drag them down or up to where you would like them, hope that helps!