2011 Finishes

For 2011 I managed to 100% finished the following quilts.

OK this little one was a guild challenge to use polka dots and stripes
and make them work together. This was also my very first thing I ever Free Motion Quilted. It is only about 24 X 24 in size.

This red and white one I started and finished it in 2011. I first made the pic above on the left, for my best friend Amy. Then I went on a mission to find some Coca Cola fabric for the back of the quilt. It wasn't happening. Time was ticking, needed to get it done. I woke up one morning to the idea you see in the bottom left pic, so what started out the front, ended up being the back of the quilt. Turned out pretty good for winging it the entire way. Love those middle of the night ideas!!!

 This one above was a pattern I tested out , will have to get a full photo shoot of it soon. I used a bunch of cat fabrics, and whipped it up in no time.

This one here I made for a customer. She was having her first baby after years of trying and told she couldn't have kids. YIPPEE. Then a month before the baby was due, they both ended up in Shands Medical Center. You know that isn't good. They took the baby by emeregency cesarean, he was all swollen up really bad, docs didn't know why. Didn't give him but hours to live. A few days later they gave him a week. Two weeks later they said he would be blind and paralyzed with Cerebral Palsy for life, if he lived. A week later he was stretching and moving his eyes to follow mom back and forth as she talked to him and moved about. As from the label you can see they named him Laith, it means little Lion. So as soon as she told me the story, I immediately went looking for some little Lion fabric, and whipped up this quilt to give her. When she saw it she asked how I knew? Knew what? was my reply. They decorated his room in this exact fabric!! It was meant to be!!!

Here was a quick little UFO that I got off my list a Santa and reindeer table runner.

That is it for 2011, lets see how well I do in 2012!