Thursday, April 17, 2014

Retreat ideas??? Help!

Have you ever been to a quilt retreat place that just WOW'd you. One that you would do over and over again. Do you know of a fabulous place in the Southeast USA? I am looking for suggestions of great places to hold a retreat in the SE for our quilt guild. You know load everyone on a bus and go, someplace that has everything from places to sleep, food provided, and a great room for everyone to sew the weekend away. Taking a bus so we can try hitting quilt shops along the way there or on the way home, or both too. 20-30 people. If you have a suggestion, please let me know, links are great too. Thanks.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Panama City Quilt Show 2014 part 2

Here is the continuation of the picks from our quilt guild annual quilt show today, and it will be tomorrow also.You can see Part 1 HERE. I hope you enjoy all the eye candy. The pictures and then the credits...............
This first one, was my favorite FUN quilt I think. I just LOVED all the funky chickens!!!!!

 The quilting is EGGS!!!!

This one was interesting as it was a family tree. I love family trees done differently.


I should have taken some upclose pics of this next quilt below. It was gorgeous and lots of work too.

I LOVED the Panto used to quilt this flower basket one
Here is an upclose, see all the flowers!!!!

This is our Opportunity Quilt this year, well part of it that you can see. It is drop dead gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well I hope you enjoyed all the wonderful pics, wish you all could have been here.