2012 Finishes

Seems I am starting the year out pretty good, only the middle of January and already have one finish. This will be a Chatterbox Quilt pattern.

It was a quick finish when I added a Full Motion Quilt Challenge with something that had been sitting in the needs to be quilted pile for some time now.

Number 2 for 2012. Confetti Madness    aka. Roll Roll Cotton Boll. (RRCB)

This one was Bonnie Hunters mystery for 2010. It took me an entire year to get the top pieced as those string blocks about made this one a UFO. First strings I did, and I absolutely hated them. Swore I would never do them again. Guess what? Her 2011 mystery has them too, but they are smaller ones, and they aren't too bad. They do add a LOT to the quilt though. Never mind the 600 HST's. This quilt top has around 5000 pieces in it, hundreds of different fabrics too.  I sent it away to New Hampshire to Joanne @ Insanely Cheap Quilting to get quilted.

Number 3 for 2012. The Stained Glass Musical.

This picture really washes it out. It is bright!!! The speckled border is actually rainbow musical notes, and it is quilted in musical notes as well.  This was a pattern I tested out for Pine Freckled Forest.

I finished my teapot hotpads, they work great too. Threw away half of the older ones that were in the drawer, you know, the ones that even folded in half burn your fingers taking something out of the oven.