Friday, February 18, 2011

Now I remembered........

Wow I remembered what I forgot to tell you last time. I was nominated for a blog award. Angie over at 5 Little Monkeys Quilting nominated me for the Liebster award! Wow.....lil ol me! It is a pay it forward type of award to help us little people get more notice. Now comes the hard part, to nominate 3-5 other people. Do you have clue to how many blogs I follow??? WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAyyyy to many! Almost 250! I just checked!

So here are my nominees::

Tamera Quilts Up until July last year, I had never ever read a blog before. Then Tamara who is a quilting friend on my facebook page she posts a link to a blog, like many other times and many other people had before, but this link interested me. So I clicked it, then from that blog kept on clicking, I was hooked...look at all this information out there. WOW! Then in October I decided I would start my own blog now that I was getting back into quilting again. As a place to log all that I am doing, and I do a lot at once. From Tamera's blog I found my first quilt along, and now I am addicted to those as well. I think I have at least 10 going on right now. So I have to nominate Tamera because if it wasn't for her, I wouldn't be addicted to blogging and quilt along's as well.

Amy's Passion's  Amy is doing the Raven stars quilt along right now.

Because I'm me Jody always has something interesting going on over on her blog.

Felicity Quilts Felicity loves color, it is always interesting to see what she is working on next. She likes to do a lot at once like myself.

Wish Upon a Star Mrs.A always has something nice to say to you. Keeps your spirits soaring in the right direction. she is also another multi tasker like myself. Lots of WIP's at once.

Wayne Kollinger's Sketch Book  Now Wayne is not a quilter himself, but yet he will make you think differently about everything you do as a quilter, and how you can take a traditional block and make it into something else no one else has ever seen. Love looking at what he comes up with, and he has me getting out my graph paper and colored pencils again too. Love it!!!

Wow that was really hard to narrow it down from that many, at least one thing, This award is meant for the little bloggers who have less than 100 followers, so that knocked out many right from the start. If I didn't nominate you, sorry I grabbed the ones off the top of my head that I know I read quite a lot from their pages, plus i could only pick 3-5 and I did 6, Wayne don't quilt so I squeezed him in too. :D

Also I found another mystery quilt along if your interested in it over at Gayle Bong Quilts too blog. She just started it on the 10th and she posts one clue a week on Thursdays. Come on over and join in the fun. I know you have scraps and stash your trying to get rid of. I also added a button on the right.........yeppers in that very long growing row of buttons, it is the green and blue one. I need to make closure on some of those projects so I can move those buttons to the bottom of the page. I need room for new ones. You don't have to remind me I am crazy doing this many things at once, I already know I am.

One word of advice for anyone else out there that wants to know how I do it. ORGANIZATION! My room isn't spotless, but I try to put things away when I am done with it, so it keeps all 10 of my WIP's in order. Plus I am working on all my UFO's too. No pics today, but in the next day or so I will have some more, you know I love pics.


Mrs A said...

Ohh you are soo sweet Anne Marie, i hope all is well with both you and your husband, i loved your scrap quilt you are such a clever chook! Ely and Jethroe look very snuggly little fur balls! Im working on the WIPS, but keep getting distracted with other lovelies! 250 blogs to read is a challenge, but its so nice to see what everyone is doing around the world isnt it?
love and hugs!

Angie said...

Hee Hee. ;)

felicity said...

Thanks so much for the nomination/shout out, Ann Marie!