Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super sewing Sunday

Well today is Super Bowl Sewing Sunday. Woo Hoo!! Dear Hubbies surgery is early in the morning, so he will be staying close to the toilet.  Since today's project is done, and the electric fence is electrified, all I have left to do is sew, sew, and sew some more.

I found another quilt along if your interested in starting yet another project. Like I really need a hole in my head.......but what the heck. It is over at Amy's Passion and it is based on a quilt one of her Math 8 students created. They are calling it Raven stars. This is the drawing it is based on. It starts on the 9th of Feb. It is a 3 color quilt, light, medium and dark. Need to get rid of more scraps or more stash???

I am still doing good on the Fabric Diet & No Fab Feb. I was even at Jo-Ann's yesterday. Ran in grabbed the thread ( 50% off) that I needed and ran back out. Didn't even look at the fabric. I wanted some, but not  looking makes it easier to get out alive.

It is the 6th of February and I haven't bought one penny worth of groceries yet this month, so I am doing great on the Frugal Groceries for February too.

Haven't done too much sewing the past week, with the crazy lunatic dogs getting out everyday, spent soooo much time repairing all their escape routes. But the electric fence is up and working now. :D

Tomorrow I will be sitting in the hospital for hours on end, and since you can only read, and play on the Ipad so much and you get tired or bored. I made myself a project bag to take with me.  I spent an hour cutting out over 120 5 inch circles on the GO!. Took more time to unfold over 120 different fabrics than to actually cut them out.

Now I have to fold all that fabric back up, here I am holding all of it in my hand like a huge grocery sack. It was heavy too!!! What a mess that was. Doesn't look as neat back on the shelf either since I didn't follow the fold lines when I refolded it all.

Do you remember Turtle Bay, well here is that quilt top.....

and here is the back of is kinda hard to see the squares of a different fabric with that crazy bright blue.

Remember the monochromatic yellow one?

Here is the back of that one, using up most of the scraps I had leftover from the front. This month is purple. Did you see all those circles at the beginning of the blog? Won't be a quilt, but it will be purple. Who knows, I might get ambitious and do a purple quilt too. We like purple around here.
Block-A-Palooza (BAP) is in full swing, here are my blocks using the Sunkissed line by Moda. Here is Block 3

and Block 4 too.

Here are the first 4 all together..........

the next clue for Dorinda's has been published, but I haven't got it started yet. Not sure what I want to do yet.

I am slowly working on all my other UFO's WIP's and PhD's too. Need to start quilting them and calling them FINISHED!!!

RRCB is at the top of my list, still working on the string blocks and those HST's....:(

What have you been up to lately???


Shay said...

Oh my goodness..Im just sitting here writing a post about Frugal Grocery February and patting myself on the back because I spent so little - but not as little as you! You're kicking grocery butt up and down the block!

You'll get there in the end with your PhD's...I've kind of stalled at nummber 3. I think I'll start a plan for next week to deal with that.

Love all your showcased projects too!

Good luck with the hospital stuff. Take chocolate. It's good for you.

dq said...

It is interesting to see that others have many quilting irons in the fire too. What do we get ourselves into? A lot of enjoyment, that's what!

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

WOW! I'm winded after reading that post! Wowsers----loaded post! Glad to see you doing do great on your use of fabric.

SewSara said...

i'm inspired by your color quilts ... awesome! i have been thinking of doing a yellow one for spring ... i have never used much yellow (so i'll hafta wait til march to plan that one - haha).

Dutchbaby said...

What a busy bee you are!

I bet you were the talk of the waiting room in the hospital. I hope your husband's surgery was successful and that he's healing rapidly.

Teresa said...'ve got a lot of projects going...good on you!! I love yourur idea of a February fabric diet...hope that is still going on. You are over the halfway hump now!! LOL

In stitches,
Teresa :o)

~Niki~ said...

oh i have too many UFO's to mention lol. funny. i love starting projects but hate finishing them. mostly because i don't like basting/pinning. plus it's hot hot hot here in AZ. hate getting down on the floor.