Friday, April 8, 2011


 You know how there are always giveaways, you probably enter at least 10 of them every week. You never win, someone else always does right?!

Well I was just cruising through some blogs again, and I won something and not once but TWICE in the past 24 hours!!!! Oh wow, I am almost speechless! It would have been even cooler if I would have won that 218 million jackpot Wednesday. Now that would have been the best.

But for now I am still jumping for joy, that I won some free fabric from Applique Addict and then some more fabric from Sew Inspired. Ok everything in my life happens in 3's, always has, so either I am going to win more fabric, or who knows, maybe I will hit the baby jackpot tomorrow night, I will play to just keep my hopes up tomorrow. I normally only play when it is big.

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