Monday, June 27, 2011

Super Sewing Sunday 06-27-11

Wow, I did miles of sewing today. First thing I did, was fix that screw up on the lil twister.

 Then I found my lil goose that disappeared a month or so ago, so I finished that block from the BAP QAL.

Yesterday (Saturday)I cut out all my fabric for the Kaleidoscope QAL. What else am I suppose to do at 5am on my day off. During the week I can't get up at 8am with the alarm, so why is it when I can sleep in, I don't???
So now that all that fabric is cut and sometimes I am an impatient person, I started sewing my King size quilt top together, it is almost finished already. So much for the QAL part huh? The actual piecing part of the QAL isn't until the 30th of June.

This is my day.......... here are my stacked fabrics ready to roll..............

 The assembly line sewing together pairs of primary fabrics with alternates, and primary fabrics with backgrounds.
 All of them sewed together now, and pressed ( I think there is only one set in this picture)
This is what that set looks like laid out........
here are the pairs of the pink/red fabrics sewed together and awaiting the iron, again!
 All the primarys/background pieces lined up........onto the design board we go.....
 Tried to figure out how these would look the best, color wise, this is what I came up with........
 The table rearranged in order according to the design board so I don't screw it up. 25 different primary fabrics, don't want to get any of them out of order.
At this point I had the 4 corner blocks done, and the 16 partial blocks for the edges. Working on the 16 secondary blocks.  Can you see the mistake with this one????
 What about now????  I left it just like that too!!!
 Filling in the design board. This quilt will be HUGE when it is done, and my lil design board is only lap quilt size, so every thing is overlapping, a LOT!
 Almost there..............
 Had to take a 5 minute break and wind me up 10 more bobbins........ready to go now, at least for a little while.
 When piecing I flipped this piece over, and seen this wad of thread, What the heck,,,,,,,,how did this happen in the middle of the seam?? Oh well keep on stitchin...
 Last two blocks........the table is cleared.......whoo hoooooo!
 Full board of the secondary blocks ONLY!
 Now when most people make a kaleidoscope quilt this is what it looks like with 4 1/4 squares in the middle to fill it in............see the 4 pink points in the middle................well I am not like most people............
 This is what I am putting in the middle of mine!!! The squarish shape next to the black ones will have 4- 1/4 squares in them of the gray background fabric once I get those corners sewed to the blocks.
 Now I am finish piecing the 25 primary blocks and pinning them to the board..........did you know design boards only hold the first layer of fabric, I have like 4 layers now........HAHAHA. Plus my daughter has a psycho cat that likes to stand up and race like she is in the Nascar race on my design board, and make all the pieces fall off. If one stays on, she will jump up and hit the board till every block is on the floor. SOOOOO this quilt, is all pinned on the board, because of Ely Mae, the psychoo cat!!!!
 Neat little surprise with this block, didn't realize it was a directional fabric, looks kinda cool!

 Here are all the primary blocks in there place..............with all the secondary blocks behind them.

 Now all I have left to do is cut this stack in half, and then sew all 208 pieces onto the corners of the hexagons, to make them all square, then stitch all the pieces together.
Here is what the SQUARE block will look like once I get the corners sewn on, they aren't sewn in this picture. But that will have to wait till Monday afternoon, or Tuesday. Having outpatient surgery first thing Monday morning, in fact as I write this I have to be up and in the shower in 4 hours! so wish me luck, and hopefully I won't be too doped up to finish this top later today, since it is already Monday by now.

What did YOU do today???


Cherry Red Quilter said...

Wow what a lot of sewing! Love the colours and patterns. Definitely happy stitching!

Ann Marie said...

That's only one day of sewing? Wow. I made two blocks for one of my quilts this weekend. ... And cupcakes.

Susan said...

Ann Marie,
I hope your outpatient surgery went well and that you will be backing to sewing soon. Your progress on the KAL is amazing and the blocks looks great!

Ann Marie said...

Yeppers that was one day of sewing, surgery went fine. I would have like to sleep when I got home, but I had to pee really bad EVERY 10 minutes. So I went and sewed instead....but I didn't touch that quilt, head was toooo foggy still, and I need to really concentrate when I put it together, so I am working on my string blocks, (you know those few I have left.....) in between potty breaks. I will get these done TODAY!!!! I only got one hour of sleep last night, and no sleep since I have been home, so hopefully I will be able to sleep GOOD tonight!