Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ever hear of Quilt Bingo...........

When I first started blogging I found Tonya's blog and soon after she held a Quilt Bingo, well she is thinking of doing it again. If your interested click HERE to let her know you want to play. If you want to see more of what it is about, you can click HERE and it will take you to the blog and go through when we played last time. It was fun, and exciting too. If you decide to play just let Tonya know, you found out about it through 16 Muddy Feet, that Ann Marie sent you. Thanks. Hope you to see you join in the fun!


Sue said...

I've hopped over and joined up. I let Tonya know I found it here. :) You have a lovely blog and I enjoy reading it.

Play Online Bingo said...

You have a really nice blog :)

I will check quilt bingo out!