Sunday, July 31, 2011

Semi super sewing Sunday. 07-31-11

 Earlier this week I put the borders on Laith's quilt, but haven't figured out yet how I am going to quilt it, so it is still hanging on the design wall for now.
 I got all 600 HST's for RRCB sewn and cut out this week too. Sure doesn't look like 600 does it????
 Here they all are in a shoebox, heading over to the ironing station, which at the post of this blog, they are still sitting.
 I finished piecing my Kaleidoscope quilt together, it is 10 feet square, I am NOT quilting this one on my lil' ol machine. That is a fact!
 Here is a view of the other side.
 And a view from the end. Can you tell which nightstand is mine? Hint: It is the one piled high with quilting books. Which I did put away today, the pile was getting toooooo tall.
 As soon as me and my gang went upstairs to sew today, Bailey layed her head on Hershey and just looked at me, so I snapped a picture.
 Then Hershey looked up and said, Hey take one of me too!!!!
 After taking those two's photo's, I looked around to see what I need to finish up and get off the table. I started with the scrap pile leftover from the Kaleidoscope quilt. Somehow I am going to use all this to make the back of the quilt. Because I don't want anything going into the scrap buckets that I am trying to empty. I cut out a lot of squares, and sewn a lot of the pieces together, no plan here like usual. Just look, sew, press and repeat. Eventually it will be 10.5 feet square.

 Next on the table was the rest of the 22 blocks I needed to finish for RRCB. I got all the centers done. Now I just need to start pressing those HST's, and sew them into strips of 5 and attach them to one of these blocks, only 29 more left to go. Then I can piece the top, and add the border too. My birthday is coming up in about 2 weeks. I want this one done before then. So I have made me a goal now of when I want this done. Oh yeah and my dinner from today too, a big bowl of Kettle Corn Popcorn! MMMM It was delish!

My daughter wanted me to make her a baby quilt to go with this fabric that has frogs on it. Guess I forgot to take a closeup of the frogs. So she picked out some fabrics and told me she liked the red and white one I did on the back of the Coke quilt. She wanted all the greens to go one way, and all the bluey ones to go the other way. She wanted it square too, not long and skinny like the red and white one. So here is her simple rail fence quilt top. She is going to buy more yellow, (It has dragonflies on it) so I can add a wide border, and she is getting lime green Minkee for the back of it. I will have to get a better pic of it later, because from here some of the blues and some of the greens look the same, but they aren't.

We drained the pool Friday and Saturday morning, and tore it down Saturday afternoon, and cut up the liner and toted it to the curb Sunday morning. Put all the pieces out of reach of the Lunatic gang too. Now my back is killing me, so I am done sewing today. Normally I would have sewn for another 4 hours. I do have another secret project I thought I would have done by now. Guess I will do that one tomorrow.
The dogs are loving that we got rid of the big pool, and gave them a HUGE sandbox in its place. I will try to take pics tomorrow, it was downpouring rain here again this afternoon. It is a daily thing lately. So now I am off to watch whatever is on the DVR, and flip through a pile of OLD magazines I found upstairs. I brought down a dozen, have at least a dozen more dozen to go through. Got really behind on reading all my magazines.


Cherry Red Quilter said...

So much to comment on. Love the Kaleidoscope quilt - the shading from light to dark is gorgeous! The RRCB is coming along nicely too - looking forward to seeing the quilt top - the colours should be lovely - of course your pooches are cute - a pat from me please - and I loved your coke quilt and the new version is great too. Lucky daughter!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The Kaleidoscope is amazing! I just love everything that you're up to... take it easy on your back! Popcorn for dinner? My favorite meal!!

Ellen said...

You did have a super sewing week! Your Kaleidoscope quilt looks wonderful - can't wait to see it all quilted. When I made my RRCB hsts I couldn't believe how long it took me...and you are right it didn't look like much when done. Your daughter's quilt top is coming along nicely!

Angela said...

You have been busy. I love your kaleidoscope quilt

Connie said...

Beautiful Kaleidoscope! I remember you saying it was 10 feet square, wow! You have been busy and have lots of great projects!

P. said...

You've been a busy girl! Great job on the kaleidoscope quilt! I like how the colors change from light to dark. And I don't blame you for not quilting it yourself, that's huge! Mine turned out smaller and even I'm wondering if I want to tackle it or send it out.

Aw, such cute dogs! They look so sleek and shiny. Must be livin' right!

Take care of that sore back!

Miri said...

Terrific Kaleidoscope the pink, red and black combination!

Cute baby quilt too!

KatieQ said...

The kaleidoscope quilt looks terrific. I love the baby quilt. Your daughter has great taste.

Sara said...

Popcorn for snack for me currently as I type:) Love the animal/jungle top. Reminds me of the curtains my MIL made my son back when he was a newborn--before I could sew!

Your dogs are the sweetest and such shiny coats:)

Sarah Craig said...

Whoop whoop!! You had a spectacular week!! I love your kaleidoscope quilt....