Monday, July 25, 2011

Super sewing Sunday 07-25-11

The little Lion that could.......  There is this lady that comes into the Post Office (where I work) who just had her first child. She was soooo excited leading up to her due date. Not sure what happened, but she had to have an emergency C-section, 4 weeks early. The first 13 minutes of her sons life, he wasn't breathing. She is glad they never gave up on him. When they finally got him breathing, he was swollen ready bad, they said he had edema ( I think) and he was in a lot of pain because his skin could only stretch so far, and his body was still pushing. They didn't give him too many days to live. Then a week later, they said he more than likely has cerebral palsy, she was devastated. As the days ticked on, he kept defying the odds. Every time they said he wouldn't be able to do something, he would do it. They were both in Shands hospital in Gainesville Florida for about a month before she could finally bring him home. I finally got to meet the little guy this past week. He is doing great. He might grow up to have absolutely nothing wrong with him. When I asked her what she named him she said "Laith" it means little lion. He has been fighting for his life everyday so far, and he is a strong fighter. So I am making them a little lion baby quilt. I am not done with it yet, but here is what I have so far.
White minkee in the middle!! I have to add the borders yet, and piece the back with a special label. She is going to be super surprised. :D

I also quilted and bound my secret project I did last weekend, here is the sneak peak...

I also have my Kaleidoscope quilt almost all pieced together, I have 5 more seams left to do, but I have to press, and pin, pin, pin and pin some more before I can sew them. Soooo I will do them tomorrow. Glad to have that one off the design board.

Ely Mae, steals stuff out of my room all the time, today I caught her running around with a piece of lace, that had a ribbon in it, so..............
I tied it very loosely on her like a queen or something.

Good thing Jethro has a stub for a tail, otherwise I might have stitched it into my Kaleidoscope quilt.

See the fluff on the right, that is his stub, and he was trying to sit in the hole where I was sewing, I had to push him out.

Oh and CONNIE>>>>>>>>this one is for you. Connie made this flower for the flower quilt along, and I told her I had done the same one about 10 years ago, and she asked to see it, here it is.


Cherry Red Quilter said...

I love the lead light block! The lion quilt is gorgeous and she is going to love it and will little Laith I am sure. A lovely thing to do but I would have so wanted to do the same thing after all they went thru!

Ellen said...

The lion is so cute. What a sweet, thoughtful gift. I think Mom will truly appreciate it. Funny cat pictures - Ely Mae does have a regal look to her!

Dee said...

What a very nice thing to do. I'm sure she'll appreciate the effort you're putting into it and I'm sure Laith will love the Minkee. That stuff is just so soft.

My cats are just like yours. One steals things and the other keeps trying to lay under the presser foot! The lace is a good look for the one.

Shay said...

Love the Lion quilt Ann Marie. What aperfect gift for a little man who has had a very rough start.

Connie said...

Your stained glass looks just like mine! Now have you done anything with it? Thanks so much for pulling it out and showing it.

I love your lion cute and what a special story. Love the fabric, I need to click on your photo and see it bigger.

My cats steals things the knock over the trash container....which makes me try and empty it every day.

Connie said...

I had to stop back, it is so hard to believe that the stained glass pattern has been around 10 years and is still being made today.

Is the lion fabric something that you have found recently? It is so cute!