Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy Birthday to meeeeee!!!

Oh yeah, it is my birthday, but they aren't all that big of a deal around here most of the time. Got up and went to work as usual. Well actually didn't get to sleep till about 1am, and I was back up again at 5am.......I went and sewed till after 8am, then I got ready and went to work.  As soon as I got to work the power went out, and stayed out for more than 2 hours. We had flashlights trying to find peoples mail.  The girls I work with brought in a veggie tray, and fruit tray, chip, salsa, bean dip and a cake too.  Took me 20 minutes before I even noticed it sitting there. Opened up the veggies and fruit since it was really dark and told everyone to come try the surprise buffet, it was a surprise because when you reached out and grabbed a piece of food to eat it, you didn't know if you were eating a grape, or a grape tomato!!!!   I didn't even get to eat any cake till 4:30pm we got so busy later in the day.  When I went home for lunch dear hubby and I went to the Pizza Hut buffet for lunch since he is working swing shift still. Then when I got home from work the oldest daughters boyfriend took us all out to dinner. Went and got mexican, and have enough leftover for dear hubby and me for lunch tomorrow too!!!! All in all it has been a great day, now I am going to do more sewing. Almost done with my Rockin Row Robin top, deadline is Monday, so I am trying to get it finished today or tomorrow.

Yesterday I had a Manic Madness Monday sewing session. First off let me tell ya something else. You know those sci fi movies where machines come to life and have a mind of their own??? Well for years I have said that is how my sewing machines are.....when I am too tired to be sewing and to stubborn to go to bed, my machines will purposely do thread lockups so I quit and go to bed, only to come back the next day and do nothing but turn on the machine and push the foot peddle and it works perfectly, even though you never fixed the problem. Well Sunday was one of those nights........both machines did that too me. I guess they were tired after an 11 hour sewing marathon. But yesterday, turned it on, and pushed the peddle and it purred! Sweeettttt!!! So, I had a Manic Madness Monday sewing session!!!  

I finished ALL the rest of the HST's!! They are all sewed into 4 rows of 5, waiting to be attached to the 29 blocks, so I can assemble RRCB!! Yippeeeee, it is almost finished.  Then I finished 2 rows on the Rockin Row Robin too. Started doing hexies.......not the little itty bitty hand stitched ones, bigger 6 inch pieced ones all done by machine. I need them for my RRR, and the Hexalong too!

I would post pics of all this, but the camera is on the 3rd floor in my sewing room. So I will have to post all the pics either tomorrow, or Sunday when I do my weekly update post as usual.

Alright my daughter told me she got me some solid brown for my Garden Fence QAL, so I need to go check out my prezzy, not sure if I want it brown or white. She bought all they had, and left it on the bolt, in case it isn't right, and I want to exchange it. Cool!!! I know the other daughter bought me GO! dies, the other flowers, so I can finish my BAP quilt, that is waiting on the flower garden I am adding to it. Well off to my other world, stayed tuned for more pics!


Shay said...

Happy Birthday Ann Marie! It sounds like you've had a lovely day . Enjoy what's left of it.

Your gifts and the buffet sound perfect!

Linda said...

Happy Birthday! Sounds like an awesome day. Are you going to hand or machine quilt your RRCB? I havent decided yet how to do mine.

Dee said...

Happy Birthday to you! I'm so glad your machines fix themselves while you sleep. Perhaps you have a couple of those elves living there that do the work for you. Maybe you should ask if they'll do the housekeeping too! If so, can I borrow them?

Ann Marie said...

Happy belated birthday! Glad it was a good one and that your machines are functioning again. I'm sure they were just telling you it was time for bed!