Monday, September 5, 2011

Super Sewing Sunday 09-04-11

Well it is Labor day weekend so that means I also have tomorrow off of work, YIPPEEEEE! Not sure what we will be doing tomorrow, but it has been raining her non stop for the past 36 hours due to whatshisname tropical storm.
Do you want to see what I have accomplished since last week? Of course you do, otherwise you wouldn't be here right! Oh I am so proud of myself.

First off check out this lovely piece of fabric I picked up yesterday to make me a new nightie. It is black with silver and turquoise butterflies all over it, and it even has little silver shiny things all over it too. It is a slinky satin type of fabric so soft and flowing. Going to use my favorite nightie for the pattern, it is starting to get ragged, and I have fixed it more times than I can count.

Ok I was working on the Garden Fence QAL, this is all that is leftover from 33 fat quarters.
I finished the last 2 stacks, the last 36 blocks. Now onto the design wall we go..........I have all the centers pinned on the board. The straight ones there are 3 each, and the on point ones there are 6 each. Except the top left there is only 1. Now to get the side pieces arranged so I can match them all up.

Here they all are.....

Now lets start pinning and matching, 100 blocks, with no duplicate matches. I know I can do it. Even though there are 19 polka dot middles. Whew, all done, now I will have to have a chain piecing marathon to put them all together.
But right now something else is calling my name. Sunkissed that I used for the Black A Palooza QAL.
I counted up my blocks, seen that I still needed to sew 2 more blocks, so I had to go through and find out which 2 I was still missing. Found them and got them pieced, finally!

So now that those are done, I can move onto the center part..........the flower garden. I haven't been able to do this because I needed some more of the GO! dies. Well I have all of them now, gotta love Mother's Day, & Birthdays too! Also finally found a silver permanent marker so I could mark the dies, and see where I was going to be cutting.
And now away we GO!..........What is that I hear, I hear snoring........what?? Look what I found under the cutting table!
on top of the cutting table are these two............surprise?! NOPE! They are always there, somewhere!
Oh on the otherside of the room is Riley...
Had to go look for Ressie, she wasn't at the top of the stairs where she normally is. Seems they pulled all the blankets out of the box my daughter had stashed up there, they are not stupid that is for sure!!! Reesie made herself COMFY too.
Oh yeah.............and away we GO! so busy making this, I forgot to take pics as I went along, so here is the center of the BAP quilt, my Sunkissed Flower Garden.
It will measure 24X48 when it is in the center of the quilt. Big smile on my face, it is done. Well I still have to stitch it all down. and boy what a mess I made too. I guess I will clean this up next time I go up in my room.
It was nice listening to the rain all day long today while getting all this done. I am pooped today, and ready for bed. I have a lot to do this week, so I hope I have more mojo than I had this past week, because I just couldn't get with it, till today.


Karen said...

You have been busy!
The Sunkissed Flower garden is looking wonderful. Lots of work in that!
And all the WIPs are growing too.
Don't you just love the way all the pets want to be where ever you are? They are so special!!

Cherry Red Quilter said...

Great idea re the silver marker on the Go Dies! Love the pics of the four legged babies -very cute! Great sewing work too - love sitting workng while it rains outside too! Pity summer is on its way here!

Ellen said...

Your Sunkissed Flower Garden looks great. You have been working hard and made a lot of progress on the Garden Fence quilt. You have so many lovely pets. It looks like they hang out in the sewing room because that is where all the action is!

Dee said...

You sure have a lot of company while sewing! Lots of napping going on while you're hard at work. I'm not familiar with the Sunkissed quilt along, but those fabrics are beautiful. I'm interested in seeing how it turns out. Those dies must have really made quick work of the center.

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

Love that butterfly fabric. And your muddy feet babies sure look cozy.

Miss 376 said...

You really have been busy, should have been you dosing, not the animals, lol. Love the colours you've used int the Garden Fence QAL