Sunday, September 18, 2011

Super sewing Sunday 09-18-11

It has been a great week in the sewing room. Got a lot done this week. Then continued on to today my big sewing day. First off. I finished sewing all the RRCB blocks together!!!!!!!!!!! Hallelujah!!!!!! I am so glad that is done.
 Here are all the blocks that need to be pieced together now. Well and some of them need to be picked apart, I got too happy sewing the strings back together.......
 All layed out on the living room floor, the only place in the house big enough to lay it out, that was empty. I need to pick those blocks apart to fill in the gaps around the edges......Oh it is getting soooo close. Already have a longarmer picked out for this one, so I need to get it finished so I can send it off. I won a 1/2 off quilting giveaway a week or so ago, and that is where this one is going.
Oh my aching back, picking all these back up about killed me.

I have MORE good news too.
Look what else I managed to get done.
All 100 blocks, DONE.

 This one took up the WHOLE floor, I had to walk all over it to lay it out. Now that it is in order, I can start sewing the sashing strips on, and sewing it all together too.

I would probably have that almost done by now, but after having to pick up not only one big quilt, but two off of the floor. It finished me off for the night. No more sewing for me. Nope. 2 Aleve, a thread ripper, and a comfy chair in front of the TV. Looks like it will be an early night to go to bed too. I don't know how you guys do the on the floor thing all the time. Oh man. It hurts.

OH YEAH. Almost forgot, I also made a table runner for a pattern designer too. Just need to quilt it up now, and get it bound. Here is a sneak peak at what it looks like too.
I am sure there is probably something else I got done too, just didn't have the camera, and can't remember what it was at this moment.


Amy (lilme2_99) said...

That brown/blue quilt is AMAZING!!!!!!!!! I'm in LOVE!!!

And great job on the RRCB blocks!!! Such great progress!

Dee said...

You must be so excited to have 2 quilts almost put together. And both of them are beautiful! Hopefully your back starts to feel better and you can finish them up soon!

Karen said...

Both quilts are looking wonderful. What a huge amount of work! Good luck putting everything together.

P. said...

They are both gorgeous!! Where in the world did you find time to do all that? I got two puny things done today, that's it. Well, actually, I have a few inches of binding to hand sew down, but I just couldn't focus anymore.

Hope a good night's rest makes your back all better!

QuiltSue said...

Your RRCB blocks look great all laid out together, and the other one is stunning. What a productive time you had.

Shay said...

RRCB looks amazing all laid out and those aqua and chocolate blocks are still rocking my socks!

Great week and a very super Sunday sew-fest!

Ellen said...

You have made terrific progress on your RRCB and your Garden Fence. I love them both!

Connie said...

Beautiful! Your RRCB quilt is so neat......I didn't get mine done and have used the string blocks for something else. Your other quilt the Garden Fence is so neat and what a great combination of colors! I have 2 of those in the works.

Myra said...

Wow girl! You are on a roll there!! Blocks/layouts are looking wonderful!! good for you! 8-)

scraphappy said...

RRCB is just beautiful. Those red HST units are so perfect. So glad that I am not the only one who sewed all the string blocks back together. It will all be worth it in the end, this is such a great quilt.