Sunday, October 2, 2011

Not much sewing today

If you had these 36 fat quarters on the left and 24 fat eighths on the right, what would you do with them????

We were headed out of town last week, and good ol Jethro, wanted to go with me.

 all stretched out on top of our bag. Crazy cat.

Since we were out of town, I didn't get any sewing done last week. We were out of town car shopping. My 19 year old wanted a new to her car, and she had found one 6 hours away. ( They are a LOT cheaper out of this ripoff town). So off to the in laws we went. We left with intentions of getting a jeep or a Malibu, BUT she ended up getting a Lincoln MkZ, fully loaded! It is a very, very, nice looking car! It is an '08 with only 22,000 miles on it. She even had to borrow $1,700 from Grandpa to get it, because it was that much out of her range. But it is worth every penny and more! We spent 9 hours on Wednesday in 94° heat baking in the sun looking at cars! Only to go get the one she found the night before on our way down. But at least we showed her all her options. So after that ordeal, waking up this morning to it only being 62° in the house, and having to find my slippers, it was a wonderful feeling!!!!!

I did finish the borders for RRCB today. Now I need to spend the next day or so ironing them so I can stitch them all on and get this one sent off in the mail to be quilted. I am soooooooooooo glad this project is almost 100% over. It has almost 5000 pieces in it. Oh my!!!!

I bought a little fabric on line 2 weeks ago when Quilting Daze was having a stash reduction sale. I got these with snowmen on them.
In my normal bright colors.

Then I also got these, which are sooooooooooo not my style., I am way out of my box with these, but that is ok. Haven't a clue what I will use these for either.

Ok back to the original question, what pattern would you use those rainbow colors for?? I am trying to find a good pattern to use those fabrics in. Any suggestions would be great.


Shay said...

Glad your daughter got new wheels. Sounds like she's in love with her car.

Have you seen my Merry Go Round quilt ? I'm working on it at the moment and it uses all those bright in your face batiks.

Kath said...

OOH make rainbow cobwebs!

Dee said...

The first thing that popped into my mind was a French Braid quilt. You could use those bright fabrics for the braids and a black or white for the background. In any case, I hope you find a pattern that makes you excited to cut into those fabrics! I also really like the Shabby Chic fabric you bought.

Sue said...

Log cabin comes to mind. I made a traditional one about six years ago with solids on one half, black on the other. One of the modern log cabins would look good, too. The fabric that's not in your usual style....let it ferment in your stash....After a while it will start taking to you!

Ellen said...

I don't have any suggestions but they really are such pretty vibrant colours. I am sure they will speak to you loud and clear when the right project presents itself!

paulette said...

I looked at your beige box and went...AHHHH nice!! Funny how as quilters we all have our own comfort area! I love adding beiges to a quilt! Have fun!

Myra said...

All wonderful fabrics, and how wonderful that your daughter has a new vehicle for herself...

As for your original question there... hmmm...? I'm pretty much clueless about that just now... All I know is that I'd do something that would use a black background to really make those brights pop!