Sunday, November 6, 2011

Super Sewing Sunday 11/06/2011

Wow it is November already...............where has this year gone????? I might as well start digging out the tree and all the ornaments, because by the time I get that chore done, it will be time to put it up anyway. Can't believe how fast time is flying. But like they say, time flies when your having fun. I am having lots of fun sewing all these different quilts. I am enjoying this much cooler weather, I love this time of the year.

 My Jacob's Ladder is more than halfway done, sorry folks no pictures of it again today. Still haven't found the camera since being back from vacation. Then again there is still stuff packed, and on the trailer too. Should have this top done by next weekend. Already have the backing fabric picked out, as there really isn't any scraps leftover from the top on this one.

I did drop another quilt top off at my local long arm quilter on Thursday. It was a surprise project I was working on. Which reminds me, I need to find the other one I have pinned, needing to be quilted. I have 50 things at once going on right now, and some times my head just starts to spin.

I have bagged up two big bags of fabrics I am not going use, along with about 30 spools of thread, and then I have a HUGE box of crafting supplies too. I am giving them to a lady in my guild who is going to take them to New Orleans and give them to her friend to pass out at their guild. Most of those people still have nothing from when Hurricane Katrina went through there, and at least this way they can make something for either themselves or someone else at no cost to them, and it gets it to a good home where it can be used, and out of my way. Oh I felt great packing all that stuff up today. I am sure I have lots more, just need to keep digging through everything. I am glad I found a good home for it all.

Bonnie Hunter's new mystery quilt "Orca Bay" is going to start on the 18th, she gave out a clue and approximate amounts of fabric on the 1st. You need 4 strong contrasting colors. She is doing Red, Blue, Black, with white as a neutral. I am doing ( I think) Turquoise, Purple, Navy Blue and yellow as a neutral. But I did see a cool picture today ( I didn't save it :(  ) and it was done in Green, Yellow, White with a little black.  Or check out that Peacock above......reddish, pinkyish, purpleish with orangeish, brownish and then a little green and a little turquoise too.

Don't forget as well that Madame Samm is starting another wonderful project tomorrow a Block Party everyday for the entire month of November she is going to have blocks, and blocks, and more blocks, and tutorials all month long. Don't miss it!!! If you don't know who Madame Samm is, you are missing a whole bunch of good information.

I have been assigned my partner for the Secret Santa Swap, I have made a long list of things I want to gather and put in her gift box. Oh she is going to be sooooo excited! I wonder who got me, and what I might get in my box, oh this is as bad as seeing a box under the Christmas tree for weeks before the holiday arrives!!!! I will have to wait around a month till I get my box. Need to stay busy as to not think about it too much. But then I have to think about it some so I can collect all the goodies I need to send out too. :D

It has been dark here since 5pm today, and it feels like it is in the middle of the night already, but I am going to go and try to get a little more of this and that done before calling it a night.

What have you been up to lately?

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Connie said...

I sure hope you find your camera, that must be driving you crazy. When I saw the peacock photo I thought wow! Now that has some beautiful colors in it! My day is tomorrow in the November Block Hop.