Thursday, December 8, 2011

Day 17...where is the time going?

Well I tried it again this morning.............

Nope 2 pieces today were a tab bit short! Can you see the little bits of white? Another thing, is paper piecing seems to waste a lot of fabric, no matter how close you try to be, it ends up being too short, and then you end up making it really big, and wasting those pieces that aren't big enough for anything else.
I don't know if I will make the other two of these blocks to make a bigger block at this point, I think I will move on to something else.

If you want to join, go on to Pigtails and Quilts and join on in the countdown till Christmas. I am off today from work, seems like it took forever to get here, dear Hubby is working so I have LOTS to do today even though I would LOVE to spend the day in my sewing room, I had better get showered and get going.

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Sarah said...

I can't remember what it's called but I have a plastic gizmo that tells you how big to make the pieces so they cover the paper. It's really a "scaled" ruler but it works great.