Thursday, March 8, 2012

Found the sewing room today.

Finally made it to the sewing room, found Merlin too. He was crashed out on the quilt top that was on the ironing board waiting to be ironed. He is sooo smart! By the time I went and got the camera that I found earlier today, and started back up the 2 flights of stairs, he was already at the bottom following me. Here is a pic of the top I did finish putting the blocks together in February. I still need to put a small border of brown on it, to finish the edges, then it will go in the waiting-to-be-quilted pile.

It is nice and big for the king size bed too. Hangs down almost to the bottom of the side rails. I am tired of too little quilts on the bed. Then I went back upstairs to bind a quilt that has been at the quilters forever, forgot it was even there! When I came back down to take photos of that one, look what I saw... Little Ms Delilah all stretched out taking a nap! With her bare belly showing and everything.

It wasn't long and Merlin came to join her, as always.........

I should have laid down right then and took a nap with them. I feel like I needed it now.

I will show you the other quilt in a day or so, I want to get permission from the pattern designer first.

I spent a lot of time cleaning and trying to get this house back in order. With all the computer problems ( they are not over either, even with the new one urgh!) and acquiring two new to us desks for the office, it looked like a tornado went thru this place. Paperwork and books everywhere!!!! Guess that is what happens when everything comes out of your office at once. I have half the dining room table cleaned off, and some of the chairs. You can see the floor again, and the filing cabinet is getting full. Almost burnt up the shredder so I started putting it all in a box, and I take it to work on Saturday and use the big industrial one there instead now.


Dee said...

Delilah and Merlin are just adorable! I also find it hard to grab the camera in time to take pictures of their cute poses. They generally get up and follow me on my way to get it.

Heather and Kathy said...

So glad you found your sewing room! I so know how that is! I found the family room recently. It is such a good feeling! Love the quilts by the way! I would like to quilt but with the fibro and arthritis, my hands wouldn't be able to handle it.


Kath said...

that is just beautiful. I would not thought of combining those 2 colours but the quilt looks very contemporary and fresh.

Sarah said...

99 out of 100 times when I hope my cats will stay still until I can get the camera they end up following me. Last night when I woke up not feeling well and went downstairs not a one followed me. harumph. Love how your two seem to stick together all the time!

Cherie said...

Wow the quilt is gorgeous!! I love the colour combination!! =D