Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sunday - May 13th

Today isn't just Mothers Day, but it also our youngest daughters birthday too. She turns 20 today. She is the one that is getting married next month. So while she is at work today from 10-2 I will be making carrot cake, her favorite. I am going to try and make it in cupcake form instead of bundt cake form. The main reason being, is that might be what we do for her wedding. She already is thinking of cupcakes, and since the groom doesn't care for cake but loves my carrot cake, I just need to figure out how to get my cake to bake up right as cupcakes.

So to my daughter Stephanie......Happy Birthday!

To myself and everyone else out there......Happy Mothers Day, may you get to spend time with your kids and time to sew as well, if that is your wish.

For me, I am going back to bed @4:30am, since I have been up since 1:30am. Will start my day again in a couple of hours. I did all the dishes already. ;D


Nana B said...

I know how it goes sometimes - the other night I was up at 2:30 kneading bread and trying to go back to sleep at 5:30. Living with a three year old didn't allow for much sleeping in. Happy Mother's Day to you

Richard Healey said...

Let your daughter know that I wish her a happy B-Day. May 13th is a great day for a B-Day as its mine too though I beat her here by a few years.

Also to you happy Mother's Day.

Nexxxus Ramblings said...

My son's birthday is today he is turning 8. His 13yo sister made him white and chocolate cupcakes. I hope your daughter has a wonderful birthday and you have a relaxing Mother's Day.