Wednesday, September 26, 2012

25 years and counting

Last Friday was our 25th wedding anniversary. Wow! That is more than half my life. I married my best friend so it doesn't even seem close to being that long. Looky at what he got me.........

 2 sets of Pantos, a wonderful jelly roll in these fabulous fall colors...........I already know what I am doing with that. I drew it out on graph paper the next morning at 3am when I was up and about..........kinda like right now. Just need to get some fabric for the background. And a quilt kit...........
This is everything in the quilt kit!!! I more than likely won't make the quilt it is intended for, because I am not a jelly roll quilt type of person, and he doesn't like the quilt either. I asked him if he didn't like the quilt why did he buy me that quilt kit............he said he knew I loved dragonflies, and it has dragonflies on it, and it had lots of bright colors too. Sooooooooo I will use all those fabulous strips and make a different quilt top to put the dragonflies onto.

I tell ya, last year I was on a serious fabric diet, using my stash like crazy and only buying fabric if I needed it to finish a project. I don't even think I bought 10 yards last year. Now in the past month alone I think I have added over 100 yards to my stash in one way or another.

Then after getting all that on Friday, we went to run errands on Saturday and brought all this home.

22 more yards.......the top 4 are flannel, I still need to get black and white flannel, they were sold out. You might be thinking this is a weird color combination, but if you geocache, you will recognize the colors. This is a quilt my husband asked me to make a year ago, and we didn't get around to it. So since all the fabric was on sale, and I had another coupon for another 15% off total purchase, we bought it all. Now to get busy, he has finally decided how he wants it done, the front and the back. Now to find the book so I can get started. Oh yeah, he would like it done before the annual HUGE event in 4 weeks!!!! This here is the logo, and this is what he wants the back to look like, I will be doing that in flannel.
Seems on top of everything else I have to get done, my list keeps getting longer. I have other deadlines approaching too, That can not be pushed back. Better get busy I suppose.

On another note, the kitchen is going in at the other house later on today! Yippeee!


scraphappy said...

Congratulations on 25 years. Looks like you have enough fabric to keep you busy for a while. Good lck getting all of those quilts doe.

Cherie said...

Congratulations on the 25th!!
Hope the quilt making goes to plan =D

Anonymous said...

happy anniversary!
that's quite a nice gift

Barb said...

He sure knows the way to your heart!! Congrats!

Michelle said...

Happy anniversary! Isn't it amazing and wonderful when you hit that "half your life" point?

Kat @ I Saw You Dancing said...

Hi there and congratulations! What a great gift your husband gave you. Keeper!
Thanks for being a part of Blogtoberfest, hosted by Cathy aka {tinniegirl} last year. Thought you might be interested to know that we're running it again in 2012. You can find all the info at:
And we're kicking off this Monday! Would love to see you there.
Kat xxx

Judy D in WA said...

Great gifts, great plans that are well on their way to a great anniversary memory quilt.