Sunday, October 21, 2012

More sewing, and cleaning, and ....

More STASH!!! Oh my, I must go on a fabric diet, soon! I think I will do that come 2013. Remember that Halloween Fabric sale I told you order arrived at my house 3 days later. All 40 yards of it. Doesn't the Fat Quarter Shop package it so purdy??!

 Here it is all un-bagged and sorted by color, stacked so neatly. This is what 40 yards looks like, this pile is more than 12 inches tall.....I measured it!
 Then a few days later I got my full box from Tonya over at Ozark Fabric on FB. Another 30+ yards. See all this wonderful fabric.
 Here is my pile of Yenters..........I had to make a whole shelf just for these, because I will have LOTS more coming in February of the new line. Yippeeee. I am a Jason Yenter addict!
 Here is my pile of bright blenders, rainbow style of course. Red, Orange, Lemon Yellow, Lime Green, darker green, Grayish, Chocolate, Rusty, Cream. I know she still has some of these left @ $4.00 a yard. Might have to get some more.
Then while I took a break from cleaning up the messing studio, I started working on those ladybug blocks. Trying to get all 20 finished since I don't know when in November we are suppose to meet to do the exchange. Merlin decided he was going to help me. Glad he wasn't a total brat and kept the neatly stacked piles he was laying on, in neatly stacked piles. He laid there and purrrrrrred, swatting at the fabric every once in a while.

I had read on Bonnie's blog about how black fabric is soooo saturated with dye that she alwayspre-washes her black......(I am not a pre-washer) I took out the bolt of Kona black I had, cut it into 2 yard pieces, and washed it all today. Gotta remember to get it off the line and put it back on the bolt. I actually did this after cleaning up...(keep reading), I am just too lazy to move the pic in the right order :D

Oh what a mess my room has become again. This is one of the tables before....what a nightmare!

After about 20 minutes of cleaning it up and putting things away.

 The whole table. Doesn't this say "Hey come be creative!" ?

Then while I was on a cleaning streak, I grabbed the yellow scrap basket, and started cleaning it out. First ironing it all out........ Forgot to take a before pic, but I did empty the bin.........see.
 Then I started cutting strips, or squares if I could. Then putting others into a strings pile, then crumbs, and the itty bitty stuff in the trash.
 Then I started on the purple bin.......before
 after it was all ironed and sorted for cutting.
So now the yellow is 100% scrap system organized, and the purples are awaiting to be trimmed and homed to the right bin. 25 + years worth of scraps I am determined to get them all done soon. Will be easier to work on when they are in strips or squares. Lets see, I have pinks, red, oranges, green, black, brown, multi, 2 HUGE blue bins, 1 HUGE white bin too. I think I will keep going with the little ones, so I feel like I am getting somewhere before trying to tackle the blue and white bins. At least then I will know I only have those 3 left and they are all done, so it won't seem so bad. I can probably make an entire quilt top from those 3 bins only. In fact maybe I will see how far they go. A challenge for 2013 I think?!

I also finished the top on the Pink n Orange one, the borders are all pieced and waiting to be attached. Camera battery died so no pics. I will try to attach the two later and take pics of it. It looks awesome. Love the color combination!

Well it is 10am finally, and I think it has warmed up enough outside I am going to go wash my truck, so I can shower and start the day. I see more sewing going on later today too.


scraphappy said...

Oh my goodness! What a lot of fabric. It looks like you will be stocked up for quite a while with what is in this post and what is still on the way. Great job on getting those scrap bins tamed! They will be so much easier to use now that they are all standardized. Way to go!

Heather and Kathy said...

how lovely!!! What a wonderful stash of fabrics! I have a stash of music fabrics!!!!!

Enjoy the creativity!!!!


Connie said...

Wow what a big stack of Halloween fabric!! Love seeing the photos of your stash and room. Great progress on cutting up the scraps!

Marg said...

Wow I thought I was bad when it comes to purchasing fabric,, lol. What a fabulous stash of fabric, and you're are really progressing on scrap busting, well done.

Cherie said...

Gosh what a haul. I see when some people buy fabric they don't kid around!!
What a lot of cleaning and clearing looks like you need a break after all that =D

Lenore C said...

So cute lady bug quilt! It's been fun browsing through your site (found it via Sew Many Ways FaFF). It may inspire me to piece another quilt...maybe. Thanks for sharing! - Lenore @

Karen said...

How can you go on a fabric diet when it all looks so lovely!!!

Anonymous said...

beautiful additions to the stash, what are you doing with the halloween?

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Oh lovely lovely post! I'm not sure if I'm happy for you, jealous of you, or motivated by you :D
Superb job on the taming of the scrap bins!

Barbara said...

Well, your kitty looks right at home on that quilt. Very pretty work.

Lyndsey said...

What an amazing stack of fabric. I'm going to get my husband to read your post to prove to him I am actually very restrained with my fabric purchases. Mind you I would be at all restrained if I had the storage room.

Vickie said...

Wow you make me tired just reading about all of your hard work. Love the organization you have done and your sewing table makes me itch to stitch. Great job!

P. said...

Way to go, organizing all that fabric!