Thursday, November 22, 2012

Movin on up..........& Threadbias

UFO's that is. I am movin them up the list. My list has a few main categories on it. For 2012 so far the popular ones I have:

4 - 100% finished.
5 - Needs Binding
12 - Needs Quilted
2 - Needs a Back
2 - Needs blocks pieced together to make top
2 - 1/2 done
10 - Still working on it
5 - UFO (haven't touched it in some time (years))
8 - Waiting to start.
Now this isn't all of them, some of them just aren't in any of these categories. But this week I have been moving them on up this list, closer and closer to the top.

I got the pink n orange mystery top done, moved it to needing a back. I will look for fabric tomorrow.

I moved my Block-A-Palooza one from still working on it,  to the needs to be quilted pile. Finished the whole top and pieced the entire back together as well. Yippeeee

Got my Christmas string top finished, and got the back pieced as well, so it is now in the needs to be quilted pile.

Put together a back for the Jacob's Ladder too, so now that one is also in the needs to be quilted pile. Wow that pile is growing! Better get busy.

Took one off the needs to be quilted pile, and moved it to the needs binding pile.

Oh yeah, I see I have also made it to 100 followers too, and over 25,000 views. WOW! So this means I need to have a giveaway. So leave me a comment telling me how many UFO's you have, or you think you have. I will have a drawing on the 1st of December for the winner.

A fellow quilting blogger and I were emailing back and forth a week or so ago, and she told me about this new website called Threadbias. It is a forum type place, and it is the simplest of all forums I have ever been to. You have your own studio that you can put your projects into as well. I seem to like it. Now to get all my projects uploaded to it eventually, it would be an easy to see place for all those UFO's, WIP's, and PhD's too. Keeping my list updated, and looking at it often helps me going. Now I will also be able to see them too. If you go over there, look me up *16muddyfeet* of course!

As for no photos today........Blogger says I am maxed out, so now I have to find my Picasa web page, and delete some photos. Time to go through past years, and get the blog in order to have it printed into book form.

Hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving, and maybe you got some sewing time in too.


Ella said...

I have at least 14.

Sandie @ crazy'boutquilts said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you too! I have no idea how many UFO's I have... sometimes I just work on a block until I get the design idea or whatever I was trying to learn. They aren't necessarily UFO's, they are just waiting for inspiration to strike! :)

Leo said...

No Thanksgiving for me - but I still got some sewing done ... my UFOs you have questions - a first cursory glance accounts for 10 and I won't open any drawers or doors to find out if there are more ...
ohh and I already found you on threadbias ...

Quilting Corner said...

I have at least 6 UPO's at this time, that have been sitting for longer than I like. More in process but I'm still working on.

Kate said...

Happy Thanksgiving! I know how many UFOs I have...but I refuse to admit it. Let's just say over 15 tops that needs to be quilted, and far more in the piecing/planned/purchased stage.

Janet said...

I have around 20 ufos. I should probably list them and count them but I think it might make me cry. And I want to start some new things!

Judy D in WA said...

Anytime you move a project up in the working order, that's great progress.
I'm embarrassed to say I have 50+ UFOs. All 4 big bins, each bin has a list of what's inside. Most of them need to be quilted, lots with binding and backing ready. Need to find that quilting mojo and get to it.
Really people need to stop designing fabulous quilts that I must have. LOL
Congratulations on follower and view numbers.

Dee said...

That's a pretty long list! I should probably make one like it. I did write a short one the other night of things I'd like to work on in the near future. I think I have about 8 quilts I need to get quilted ASAP. As for UFO's, I think a pretty conservative estimate would be 25. It's a little too overwhelming when I start pulling them all out to really try to count!

Anonymous said...

I have 4 UFO's, one is my Christmas balls quilt that needs a backing.


Angela said...

Wow I am #101. :). I can quickly count 10 but something tells me there are more. Oops, add stockings and that makes 12.

hilary said...

I have 5 ufo's. they are quilts waiting for me to get going..

Karen said...

Congratulations!! Okay - I think I have 4 big quilts, and 3 smaller wall hangings as UFOs. That's not too bad. A good excuse to start something else!

dortha said...

I have about 14 UFO's. I am not going to count the ones that need quilted. Some of those have sat there so long I don't care for them anymore. I need to give those to a service organization.

Gill said...

I would estimate that I have around 12 UFO's - it sounds worse when you admit it out loud!

Connie said...

Congrats on all the followers! UFOs.....oh boy.....I know I have at least 30 or more and of course I keep making new ones!

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I have quite a few ufo's. Maybe about 20 ;-) It's much more fun to make the flimsy then to finish the quilt!

barbara woods said...

i have 2 and a whole bunch that i am working on now

Anonymous said...

My sewing machine decided to have a time out, so I know exactly how many UFO's I have - four.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Hey lady! Progress towards a finish is always a day well spent!
As for UFOs....oh dear. I've lost track.
Hm.....thanks for pointing out the fact that I need to finish some of these babies up.

Jayne Honnold said...

I could easily come up with 15 UFOs. Some I have no interest in finishing, others, I would really like to finish. Several are very old UFOs, too. Like maybe 25 years! I am headed over to check out Threadbias now. Thanks for the link!