Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2013 FAL 1st qtr pre-linky

Well you know I have goals, and I have them all over the place. This way I am accountable in more than one place. The last goal place that I can think of is the 2013 FAL over at She Can Quilt.. This is my 1st quarter pre-linky list of what I want to get done.

I want to get this Christmas string quilt quilted, and bound and be done. Finally got it loaded.
 Then I want to finish this Quilt for Kids quilt. I cleaned off the table so I can just quilt this one on the domestic machine, it is little and I am planning on just straight stitching it across the blocks corner to corner.
Finish the Orca Bay quilt. As this was last years mystery.
Finish Easy street. Still have clues 6,7, and 8 to do. But I am not in a hurry it seems.
Get the grinch quilt done, borders need to be added, the back needs to be made, then quilted and bound too.
Then I have 7 bindings to put on. :D These 4 dog mats
 This yellow monochromatic D9P that has been on every list for all of 2012, I think it is time to get it done. Once and for all!!!! I am tired of putting it on every list.
 The wounded warrior one.............sad it is still sitting here. Quilted finally, but not done.
I think I accidentally cut up my binding I had for this one.......damn. So now I have to find something to match turtle bay. Amy did such a wonderful job quilting it for me.

Then I need to get a back for this one then get it quilted and bound too.

Then there are these 2 kitty pinwheel ones that need to be quilted. I started these about 18-19 years ago!!!!

 Rockin Row Robin still needs another row added, then to piece a back and get it quilted and bound too.
Then I want to start my Dear Jane to go along with The Rainbow Scrap Challenge over at Angela's. Also get some pink scraps (January's color)sewn into other beginnings. Then whatever colors she picks for February and March.

Yes my list is big...........either go big or don't go at all. Since I have a BIG list of UFO's WIP's and PhD's too, I might as well list as many as possible and surprise myself by how much (or how little)I get done.

I have soooooooooooooo many I want to start, but I am trying to keep to the rule. Finish 2 before starting another one, so the list gets smaller as the year goes by.

What about you? Are you going in the 2013 FAL too???

I guess I could also say this list is going to help me Complete my sewing 2013 PhD as well


Karen said...

That's a big list but it's great to see you have a plan to finish them.
I wish you luck - you can do it!!

annmarie said...

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!!! Now I don't feel so bad!!! lol

P. said...

That's a long list of lovelies, but it sounds like you are motivated to get it done! Good for you!