Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Goal setting

I did a lot of goal setting last year, and most of those goals went undone too. Too many things going on and not enough sewing to make a dent in any of the goals. I am going to try harder this year, and get some goals finished. I am linking up to Judy's at Patchwork Times and TraceyJay too for Just 3 as soon as the linky goes live.

My goal for January is:

1. Get the Christmas strings quilt, quilted and bound.
2. Get the quilts for kids quilt, quilted, bound and mailed.
3. Get the wounded warrior quilt bound and mailed.
4. Get the mono yellow quilt bound.

I am also not going to allow myself to start a new project until I finish at least 2 as well. This way I will be going in the right direction. The direction to almost completion of all projects. All quilty projects have 4 stages, blocks being pieced, blocks being sewn together to make a flimsy, quilting, binding. As long as my projects are being moved up, I feel good about moving in the right direction. I don't have too many in stage 1, quite a few in stage 2, LOTS in stage 3 waiting, and a pile in stage 4 waiting. Now to just find the time and the mojo to push them..............


scraphappy said...

May this be your year for finishing what you have started. Good luck on your goals.

Andra Gayle said...

Sounds like excellent goals to me!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are going to be doing a lot of quilting and binding this month! Best of luck with your goals. These are bite-sized chunks. You can do it!