Thursday, January 31, 2013

January is over already???

Whoa.......where did this month go already? I can not believe tomorrow is the first of February already.

Well it is that link it up time again over at Patchwork times. Well I had set goals for January:

My goal for January is:

1. Get the Christmas strings quilt, quilted and bound.
2. Get the quilts for kids quilt, quilted, bound and mailed.
3. Get the wounded warrior quilt bound and mailed.
4. Get the mono yellow quilt bound.

 January: All I can say is for that list. Failed, Failed, Failed, Failed. WOW. I kept saying, I will get it done in a few days..........well 31 of those days have flown on by.
I did do lots of sewing though during the month, so I don't feel like I failed. But I am going to put that same list up for February, I know BORING right?
I almost have all the HST L&E's done so then that corner of the table will be clear, and as soon as that happens I AM going on a binding frenzy. I have the rest of the table cleared and waiting.

Now that the pink is almost done, it is time for purple I believe. That scrap basket is already been purged, so  it will be quicker to make all my blocks and move on to other things.


Cheryll said...

Hasn't it gone quickly... it seems just a week ago that we were all cooking turkey for Xmas. :)

Angela said...

Don't you mean Thanksgiving Cheryll.. I was sick December and half of January. It really was a blur. And tomorrow is February. Wow. I did get a few things accomplished but not all.

Ann Marie good luck on your finishes. I'm sure you will make progress. I look forward to seeing it...

scraphappy said...

It did go fast! Looking forward to purple though.

Myra said...

I know hey!?! January has flown by so fast...
Sometimes we put too much pressure on ourselves with those lists hey?
You have so much on the go! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

That's a lot of binding on one list. =) Best of luck getting it done in February. That will mean finished, in capital letters.

Michele Bilyeu said...

What some people might see as failure is simply an opportunity to practice turning the pages of our new calendars and being kind to ourselves! But I have a feeling you can do anything you really put your mind to you go girl!