Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tomorrow is hump day already?

Wow where has the past week gone..........My grandma passed away last Tuesday, a thousand miles away during a major holiday weekend, I wasn't even going to attempt to find a plane ticket. Thanksgiving came and went, finally finished all the ham and turkey leftovers (not doing either for Christmas). I have been working my tail off cleaning out my sewing room. I hadn't been up there in a few years, I know that should be a crime right?!?! I have made a HUGE dent in getting it all done, but still have a ways to go. It all started when I found a blog that is having a scrap quilt challenge. click here to join the challenge   I have TONS of scraps that were in my way. So off I went. I have been ironing for a week, and every time I think I am getting close to being done, I find another box, bag, some sort of storage container FILLED with what else, but more scraps. I have put in two tall bookcases, and moved all my fabric to them off the shelf unit it was on. It was like Christmas time, I didn't know I had half that fabric! I loved every minute of it. I think everyone should move their room around at least every other year. I have cleared off one of the three tables completely even cleaned the glass top!! I sat up there an just pondered yesterday, then went back to ironing, more scraps! I will have pics to follow soon, stay tuned for now.


John'aLee said...

I'm so glad to have found your blog. Thanks so much for sharing what you did on my own about your own journey with your parents. I think I hit a nerve when I posted what I did. I almost didn't write about it but I am so glad I did because people like you have helped me to see that I am not an isolated case. Thanks so much for all your encouraging words.
Keep goin' on those ole scraps!

Ann Marie said...

Your welcome, and it is a lot more common than you would think. Just most people don't talk about it, because they think something is wrong with them to not talk to their parents, when in deed it is usually the parents that don't want to talk to their own kids. Let life move on in a more Happy direction you will be glad you did. Keep your chin up, and smile!