Friday, December 10, 2010

Progress on the Roll Roll Cotton Boll! Project

Well clue #4 came out today so off to my sewing room I went. I finished clue #2 first, it was almost done. Then I started and completely  finished clue #4. You might be wondering, what ever happen to clue #3.....well that one is a doozie. It is 60 string blocks, lets just say, I cut a crap load of strings, and I am just not feeling it, to sew them all back together just yet. I guess I am not a stringy kind of gal. But I did get most of the other half of my room cleaned out, pushed it out the door anyway. Now I just need to go through and organize the stuff that is left on that way on the shelf units, and slowly bring back in what is going to stay. I folded up one of my tables, and WOW that room is HUGE. I started picturing that room without the 2 other tables that are in there, and started thinking, you know I could just move up there and never have to come out. Wouldn't that be sweet! Don't know how much more sewing I will get done over the weekend, I am an after 8pm during the week sewing queen. Weekends are usually so busy doing everything else. Still have to decorate the tree,, and get the rest of the stuff out of the living room. I need to reorganize the office, again to get these boxes out of here. The dishes are behind, what else is new there.... Well for right now, I am off to bed, to read a few more chapters in my book so I can get up bright and early tomorrow and start the weekend off with a great start. Maybe next time I go to my sewing room on the 3rd floor, I will remember to take my camera with me and post some pics of my Roll Roll Cotton Boll! Project. :D

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