Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How long does your bobbin last?

Well I went into the freezer, I mean my sewing studio last night and started on my Monochromatic challenge. I already had a bunch of 5 inch squares cut, just needed to start sewing. So, I wound up a bobbin and started sewing, ironing, cutting, sewing, ironing, cutting............well when I had 6 blocks left to sew and the bobbin was almost empty. I was tired of ironing my pants, you know the ones I was wearing, to keep my hip warm so it would quit hurting. I left my castle. I was up there for 3 HOURS! Wow, did time fly by or what, so how long does your bobbin last???

This yellow mess is what I ended up with when I got done with that 3 hours yesterday and about 20 more minutes on a new bobbin today. Now I get to sew them all back together, but I need a design wall, or to get the floor cleaned up before I can do that.
 Remember the Layer Cake challenge, well today was Tuesday block 6 day, here they all are, didn't have a space big enough to lay them all out together so I am posting them all separate starting with block


 Here is some of the inner parts of the blocks for RRCB. Looking at this pic, the colors are REALLY washed out, guess I was too close when I took that pic.

These will be the border when sewn together.

And this is my pile of strings still waiting to be sewn, plus almost 600 HST!

What are you working on today? I have other stuff too, but I didn't want to bore you to death all in one blog post!  Oh yeah, the Dorinda Mystery started toooooooo!  I have my block picked out that I am going to do, but I haven't any clue what colors to use on it. Decisions, decisions, decisions. I mean I have the rainbow, but since I have mostly blue, I will probably stick with that for now.


Karen said...

Love the colours in your Layer Cake blocks!

Ann Marie said...

Thanks Karen, I just grabbed some fat quarters out of my stash and went with it. I might have to add more depending on how these next 6 blocks go.

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I love everything, especially the yellow disappearing nine patches.

Ann Marie said...

Wow Susan you know what that mess is, congrats!!! Now I need someplace to lay them all out so i can see how to sew them all back together. Lots of yellow gone out of the stash, and one done for the monochromatic challenge! Yeah me.........well almost, got to finish it first!

John'aLee said...

Wow! You sure are getting a lot done! Can't wait to see that yellow one done. You are great with your colors!