Sunday, January 9, 2011

Some progress made

Well I am up to 12 string blocks for the RRCB, still have 48 more to go.......and up to about 50 HST's out of the 600 needed. The other blocks I have 10 of the 30 sewn except the HST part. The border is lined up and will be sewing that together as well. So I am working on a little of this and a little of that all at once. But it is coming along. I need those string blocks done, because they are hogging the whole end of the table, and it is driving me nuts.

Dorinda Mystery starts tomorrow Monday the 10th, can't wait to see what we are doing over there. I will be able to get more scraps out of my room into another quilt.

Layer cake quilt along block 6 will be posted Tuesday the 11th, I will post a pic of all 6 blocks as soon as I am done with it. Should be Tuesday or Wednesday.

I bought the batting for quilt #6 of the patchwork UFO challenge, which is my Turtle Bay quilt, it is pieced, just needs to be quilted and binding done. So now I have the thread and batting, and ready to start quilting it, but now I can't find my pins to baste it, so I will just go buy more of them. Plus gotta clear that table of the strings.

I have all my yellow fabric cut out for the monochromatic challenge, haven't started piecing it together yet, deciding between two different options of piecing.

Received my Sunkissed fat quarter bundle in the mail on Friday along with a bunch of other goodies. But the sunkissed bunch will be used for the Block A Palooza which starts on the 24th. I usually always lean towards blue in a quilt, so I am using what they are using to get out of my box. :D That is also why I am doing these mystery quilts, to use fabrics I wouldn't normally use, and it helps me get rid of scraps and stash that I thought was ugly, didn't know where it came from, or where it was going.

Like I really need to start anymore quilts with half of my New Year's Resolution to finish all my current UFO's which is way over 20 I am sure if I could see them all at once, just found another one this weekend, that I started 8-10 years ago. That one isn't on any list to finish. But since the other half of the resolution is to get rid of all my scraps, that gives me permission to start new quilts right??? Leave me a link to your blog so I can read what you have been up to lately. I will post pics next time, because I know everyone loves photos!!

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LuAnn said...

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one that has skipped around on the RRCB mystery. I just need to be sure it doesn't turn into another UFO. And, I vote with you. Making a quilt to help get rid of your scraps shouldn't count as starting something new; its just working up some leftovers. And it was a resolution so you don't want to break one of those before even half the month is gone. Will be back to see photos of your things.