Saturday, January 1, 2011

My UFO challenge for 2011 with Patchwork Times

I am going to be very busy this year cleaning out my sewing room but this is what I want done, needs to be done. This post is what I am going to challenge myself to do while following Patchwork Times UFO challenge 2011. 
1. This is a black white & red BOM that I started 7 or 8 years ago, 11 blocks are done, need to finish the 12th one, then sash it quilt and bind.

2.  This one the top is done, I just need to have it quilted and then bind it, I made it at a retreat Jan 2010 for my travel trailer bed, out of scraps I had on hand. I had to buy the fabric for the borders only.

3. This red white and blue one, I actually have 3 of these. They were BOM when me and both my daughters were doing that when they were young. This one needs borders then quilt and binding.
One of the others the sashing is done, just needs to be pieced together, and the 3rd one, only 11 blocks are made, so if I get at least one done, I will be happy.

 4. This is Roll Roll Cotton Boll looks like a big mess doesn't it? It is going together pretty quickly, well at least the parts I am caught up on are. I still have LOTS of string blocks to sew, and 600 HST's!
 5. This is my snowman lap quilt, I have to take off that god awful ugly green find new borders then I will get this one finished pretty simply. I think the reason this one never got finished is I hated that green border so I threw it in the corner. So I am going to take it off, otherwise I still won't like it.
 6. This is turtle bay. I remember this fabric, but don't remember making this quilt, but it is ready to be quilted and binding, which is all cut and folded together in a neat little pile I found in the corner when I was cleaning out my room.

 7. This is my twisted lone star quilt, you can see 8 of the 32 pieced diamonds that cover the 36" wide table. This one isn't finished because I haven't decided on what color to put in that space next to the star....yellow, light turquoise, tan or gray?? Any suggestions? Did just buy the backing fabric though yesterday with a 20% off coupon at my local quilt shop, so I will get this one at least pieced together this year, it will be way too big for me to quilt it, so that will depend on if I have the cash to get that done or not.
 8. This is Bright stars in the night. This one came to an abrupt halt when I went to buy more fabric and they had every color but the orange........8 years later they still have most of the colors but not the orange. So I will have to lay this out to see how big it is, the blocks are really big, maybe 18" ones. I do have some of the fabric left, but I might be able to finish it differently than first thought, since I haven't a clue how it was first suppose to go together anyways.
 9. This is Giraffe Park.... I loved making this top. Cutting out all those applique pieces and ironing them on, but that is as far as I went with it. So I am going to get those pieces sewed down before they all start falling off, then I will finish it. I am saving this one for our first grandchild, who isn't even a sparkle in any of our kids eyes yet!
 10. This is a Christmas table runner that I just found today, made it some 6 years or so ago. It is pinned together waiting to be quilted.

11.a & b These 2 quilts are scrappy quilts I am making for another challenge as well, they are pinned and waiting for machine quilting. They may look identical, but they are not. I am now realizing looking at these photos, I forgot to turn the light on on the otherside of the room, so they look dark and washed out. No 2 pinwheels are the same either, forgot how many different fabrics I used.

 12. This is MOONGLOW. I started this in Jan 2010 at a retreat, got 12 of the 25 blocks done. Now I just need to do the other 13. I am hoping to get this top at least all pieced together before the end of 2011. As these 13 blocks are very time consuming, I am keeping my fingers crossed on this one.

13. Yes I know there isn't 13 months.....but this is Christmas pickle, it has been in these boxes for years, It isn't too Christmasey it is done in pink, red, purple and blue, no two blocks are alike, it has like 50 different fabrics in it or soemthing like that. Cant remember. All the curved seams is what made me put this one away, was taking tooooo long I suppose.


Sipiweske Quilts said...

Oh, I love all of your projects!!! You have great taste in patterns and I'd love to have free access to every last one of them so that I could make my own. The giraffe quilt, the Moon Glow . . . and on, and on. Wonderful stuff!!! - Marlene

Ann Marie said...

Thanks Marlene!

dj said...

I sent you an invitation to post on the Dorinda Mystery blog, but you haven't yet accepted. I wonder if it went to junk mail. It should come from blogger.

sewmeow said...

Thanks for sharing all of your pictures of your UFO's instead of just listing them out like I did. It's amazing how they are all different, isn't it?

Thanks for visiting my blog and posting a comment too.


Staci said...

You have the loveliest pile of UFO's I think I've ever seen! Happy sewing in 2011!

Ann Marie said...

Staci, that isn't even half of them. I need to get them finished and out where we can use them on a daily basis!

Julie in WA said...

I love that Moon amazing pattern! You have many lovely projects and I can't wait to see them finished up! Go LIttle Green Quilter!

Donna said...

You have some beautiful quilt tops! I really need to pull mine all out and get them quilted! Oh well I am working on it :)

Deb said...

I liked seeing them all pictured, too. Love the giraffe quilt! I listed mine in a loooong list but will feature one a week and tell the story behind it and my progress! i think this is great--why didn't I think to go ahead and finish this stuff long ago??! I'm in the Layer Cake Quilt Along and will do the Block-a-Palooza, too....of course while working on all my UFOs!!

Ann Marie said...

Oh yippee someone else that likes to keep going when we know we should be finishing up other projects. I am getting behind.....Oh wait, I think I have been there since I started quilting!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful UFOs!! I enjoyed the photos so much.

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Silverthimble said...

I recently finished a quilt made from the same snowman blocks as your UFO #5! Out of curiousity, do you remember how old these snowmen are? I know mine were purchased many years ago, but I can't remember how many years. LOL

Ann Marie said...

Those snowmen are probably somewhere between 10-15 years old! I have to get that god awful ugly green off, and get it finished.