Monday, January 3, 2011

Wow my room looks like a tornado hit it.

As some of you know in October I took my room back, and have been clearing it out and organizing it. Well last night while I was up there playing catch up on some sewing, I looked around and it looks like a tornado went through there. I have LOTS of projects in the works right now. My resolution was to clear out the scraps and finish all UFOs, working mainly from my stash. Well where am I right now..... Look to the right on my blog, see that list of 9 buttons, well lets go down that list to see how I am doing.

1. Roll Roll Cotton Boll: still way behind on the string blocks and the HST, but the rest is coming along pretty quickly.

2. Layer Cake quilt along, they up to block 5, and I am caught up!

3. Myra's PhD's it is only day 3 of that 6 month challenge, and I have only touched RRCB (#1), so far.

4. Scrap quilt challenge: I have 2 tops done, just need to quilt and bind them, have till the end of February to finish and get the pics posted.

5. UFO challenge from Patchwork times......It is quilt #6 which is to machine quilt Turtle Bay. I just bought the thread for it, so maybe this weekend I will do that one

6. Well that button is just there to go to everyone's lists.

7. Monochromatic challenge: January is yellow. I do have lots of yellow squares cut out, now I need to clear off a tabletop, to see if I need to add some white to break up some of the yellow, or is there enough color contrast to do it with absolute all yellows.

8. Block-a-palooza, hasn't started yet that I am aware of.

9. Dorinda Mystery, doesn't start until the 10th I believe.

So I am off to my sewing room to get some more done, because I need some of this fabric to go back on the shelves, it is driving me nuts laying all over the table tops. Good thing I have 3 tables in there!!

What are you working on this week??

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