Friday, January 21, 2011

What a week.............

What a week it has 16 muddy feet all lived up to their name this week. Everyday they kept getting out of the yard, and headed straight for the lake while we were at work. They ran around the neighborhood like a pack of lunatics!! That is what they are when they think we aren't looking.  Well the first day they dug a hole. The next day they knocked off more fence boards. Then they somehow got out a gate that was locked. Then they got out same gate that was DOUBLE locked. What the heck!!!

  Then the next day out same gate double locked, but this time I see they ripped out the screws, so we bought much longer screws...see the pretty black ones??  Then they got out next day, by breaking old hinge in half!! So that pick shows pretty new hinge too!  By now we are tired of fixing this problem so dear hubbie also puts in a second bar into concrete to help keep this lunatics in the yard......see dark new rod?

And then he buys a new huge barrel bolt too.
Well you are not going to believe what they did today?            
They got out again!!!!!!!!!!
 By CHEWING THROUGH the gate!!!!! OH MY!!!! So we bought hardware cloth today, metal mesh with 1/4 inch holes in it. That is tomorrows project....

All this while dealing with dear hubbie and many different doctors and specialists. Bottom line to make a long story short. He is 43 and we just found out he has a huge tumor in his colon and he will need surgery probably week after next. So I haven't done too much sewing this week at all. But this is what I am working on today.                                                                                                                 

This is the fabric selection I have picked to work on the Dorinda Mystery Quilt. I am going to try and finish the first block tonight, so watch for it.

These are my two shelves I just added to my sewing room and rearranged all my fabric on. My stash is so organized now.  I have started to stack on the jeans on that shorter bookshelf on the right, and need to go through all those papers on the bottom shelf, what a mess that shelf is. I will get more pictures of my room as I finish it up.       What are you working on this week???


annmarie said...

Wow - that is quite the dog story - little rascals. I need to go back thru your posts to see if there is a pic of them.

Love your fabric for the Dorinda Mystery. I'm doing it too - Granny Annie's Garden. Hope to post my first block today.

That's awful about your husband - will be hoping for the best for both of you (and your naughty doggies. Take care.

Janet said...

I take it the rogues are dogs? I had one once that used to do the same thing and unfortunately chewed throught the chicken wire and cut up his mouth. Talk about prison break!
There's nothing nicer than a tidy stash, yours is looking very tidy and your fabrics for your projects look delicious.

Shay said...

I hope your husband has a rapid recovery and that everything goes well . How scary for you !

I had a Houdini dog once..never broke him of his escape artists tendencies.

Love the mystery quilt fabric !

Ann Marie said...

I will try to post some pics of the lunatic gang, as I haven't any on my blog yet, even though it is named after them.

dq said...

I know a little about colon surger as my husband spent two weeks in the hospital last year with similar problems. I am going to assume that he will have to have a bag and a re-surgery to hook it all back together again later.

I am truly so so sorry.

Keep sewing (in between nursing him back to health) so you can keep going.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Oh, I was having a good giggle at this post and nodding my head right along! Have had a dog like that (and a horse!!!)
And I am so sorry to read about your husband. I hope surgery has gone well and that things are looking positive as you move forward.

P. said...

Hoping your husband has a good outcome from his surgery and a fast recovery.

I really like your shelves, and they look so pretty with the fabrics sorted and folded on them.