Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Well we ran to Lowes again this morning (went twice yesterday) to exchange a part we bought. The skimmer on the pool has a huge crack in the bottom so we are replaceing the skimmer and the pipes that are attached to it. It is also my oldest daughters, boyfriends birthday today, and he has requested my homemade Carrot cake which you can find the recipe on my other blog I started a few weeks ago. Got tired of not being able to find a recipe, so I am slowly adding them all there. Going to take us to dinner tonight for his birthday, then come home and enjoy cake. I hope I see the sewing room a little bit before bedtime.

Look at this tired bunch on a very HUMID day, chillin out on the cool tiles of the hallway. Hmmm, maybe that is where I need to hangout too :D

The 4th one is in that first room being daddy's girl and hanging out with her daddy.


Shay said...

Happy Birthday Oldest Daughter's Boyfriend.

I dont know how you do it Ann Marie. 8 dog feet at Casa Pyjamas is enough ..I guess if you add in the cat paws we have 16 too!

Ann Marie said...

Oh we have 12 Cat paws too!! and 4 little squirrel paws. It is like a mini zoo around here. Just like the kids, you have to tell them what to do and when to do it, and clean up after them constantly as well. They eat like a bunch of teenagers as well. the only good thing, is I don't have to cook their meals! :D

Angie Padilla said...

Oh, boy. We have two dogs and one cat, and have thought about a third dog, but have thought it might be too much. I don't know about four dogs...! But they sure are fun, aren't they?