Friday, March 25, 2011

A few more blocks done

Today has been a rollercoaster ride I don't ever want to be on again.

But lets move on to my blocks I finished. Oh yeah finished embroidering hubbies other 10 shirts for work. Wow I miss my embroidery! Got another quilt in my mind and it's going to have embroidered blocks on it. Just gonna clear off some of the tables first. Well onto the sewing part of what I did.
I got 4 more blocks for my Raven stars done tonight.
Then earlier this week I got 3 more block a palooza blocks done. We are finished with this QAL. I have one block I still haven't found my little missing goose for. Will have to make another one tomorrow for it, and finish that block. Another block I need some wonder under, going to get that in the morning, all pieces are cut and waiting. A 3rd one is sitting on the cutting table debating if I want to use those fabrics for it. And that made 15.......crap I was missing one, back to the main page, and looking to see which one I missed. Oh yeah, I never made the last one yet, duh....Ok so get those done, and then I can start piecing the top together. They gave 3 layout options for you to follow, I chose option number one, but I am going to do my own flowers in the middle, I am thinking of doing a flower garden. I think that would look cool, now to order those flower dies for my GO!
So here are photos of 3 more of the blocks, lets see 15 on top, 14 in the middle and 10 on the bottom.

Then I did block #11 for the Layer Cake QAL, woo hoo, only one more of these to go too! I am not caring for the one block every 2 weeks thingy. Too far apart. But since this was my first quilt a long I ever did, now I know if it is going to be this spaced out, I will have to really think if I want to be doing the quilt a long for sure.

Over all this was a slow sewing week for me, got the DVR all caught up, watched Inkheart pretty good movie. I think I might have seen it before. I suck at remembering movies, I could watch the same one 10 times and not realize I had seen it before sometimes.


Shay said...

Looks like you've gone block crazy Ann Marie. Lots of progress!

LuAnn said...

Your blocks are pretty; they all have great color, and I think I recognize the Sunkissed fabrics.

scraphappy said...

What a great collection of blocks. You have been busy! Good luck getting it all done.