Sunday, March 13, 2011

Very relaxing weekend

I am a person who loves to go, go, go, go, go, well you get the idea! I am not one for sitting around doing nothing, I get very bored, very easily. So this weekend was very relaxing, and boring at the same time, some of the time. We set up camp on Friday.

Then I sat down to chill out and relax, and catch up on a few magazines that were piling up on my desk at home.

Then on Saturday we met up with a few of our friends, yes just a few..........

For a huge potluck lunch, both of these tables are filled to the max with food.......we had tons leftover too!
Then when lunch was over we went back to camp and my sister and her kids, (my niece and 2 nephews) came by to visit with us while they were in town for awhile. They tour the country right now in a RV, so you never know where they are. Here they are playing in the park....

Then they started picking flowers, and they found these really cool looking purple ones, that kinda looked like bunnies, or Roadrunner depending on which way you looked at them. Can't really see what we were seeing when I took this pic, in the actual pic, maybe I need to turn it..

Then the boys started sorting sticks, or darts as they were calling them. This is how kids should really play, not in front of a computer or TV all the time, They had a lot of fun, and got really dirty too.

We built a fire and cooked dinner, and had these HUGE marshmallows too. If you stack two of them on top of each other, they are as big as a soda can! They aren't all that great for cooking over the fire though. But the boys have them all the time, because they play baseball with them, so they don't break any windows in the RV parks. smart cookies huh?!

Well that was my whole weekend.......I am exhausted from doing nothing! Can't wait to get back into my routine so I am not so tired! Sitting around doing nothing, is not for me! Told my husband next time I want a relaxing weekend, remind me to bring my sewing machine along with me.


Shay said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I would have taken some hand sewing. Like you I dont do nothing very well!

But your weekend sounds perfect (and I got to see what you look like !)

Myra said...

Looks like all had a wonderful weekend!!! Looking quite cozy by the fire there... 8-)