Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New wheels

Well our baby girl, almost 19 now. Went and bought herself a motorcycle today. She has wanted one since she was 16, but I told her she had to wait till she was 18 and took a class. So she took the class over the weekend and found a great deal on a used bike in town. She is happy as can be. Now I need to wash mine so we can all go riding, because it has been riding weather for awhile now, but my motorcycle was buried in the garage.

I have been doing some sewing since we got back from our weekend camping trip. No photos to share at this time though. But I did find another quilt along over at Judy's if your interested. I am thinking about it, will see how much I can get done this weekend on the ones I have started already. If I can get past the caught up stage then maybe next week I will start it.
 I have added a button on the right that looks like this quilt if your interested, the button will take you to the page.

 Hubby goes to the doc on Monday ( doc is on vacation this week) to get his approval to go back to work. Then 2 weeks later when April gets here he goes on swing shift for 3 know what that means?!?!?!? LOTS of sewing time for me! I will be able to sew for HOURS uninterrupted ( well I still have the lunatic gang to interrupt me) But at least 5 hours every night mon-fri!!!! Woo Hoooooo!!! Plus some on the weekends too.....I am just a little excited. Yes I love my dear husband, but I don't get a lot of sewing done during the week, I can see you all shaking your heads now, by how much I do manage to get done. But even when I do get to do some, he makes me feel guilty sometimes because I didn't sit in front of the boob tube for hours with him watching some stupid movie I don't like. I don't like movies or TV anyways, and he knows it. So right now, the count down till April is on.....15 more days........oh crap, that just reminded me, taxes are due by the 15th of April too. I haven't even started those. Will have to put that on the very top of the list when he goes to swings. Can't concentrate when he is standing over me, asking over and over, how much we getting back? are you done yet? what is taking you so long? don't yet? You get the idea right?!?
I know I can't be the only one out there that has the same issues. Don't you get waaaaay more done when no one else is around??


Nana B said...

Llo - my sewing machine is in the den with the tv. They say I am not bothering them but the volume goes up, the throat clearing begins, the questions start....So I try to wait until DH heads upstairs and DD is involved in her game (World of War Craft - which must be addicting but I consider an extreme waste of time). If I am lucky I am able o get in two hours of machine time in the evening. I really must get something going that I can do by hand!

Nana B said...

oops - it is early - that should have been lol

Shay said...

I love it when I have the house all to myself. I get so much more done. No pressure. No demands.

And what is it with men and TV? I dont watch TV either and my husband thinks thats weird....