Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Did your easter Hop???

 Well we left town early Friday morning on our motorcycles to go visit the in-laws. Me, my husband and our youngest daughter decided to go too. Poor thing owns a crotch rocket......boy were her wrists sore. We had a very lovely, way too short visit as usual. Wish I could go for a visit and never leave, love it at my in-laws house, and love where they live too. We couldn't have had better weather for riding if we had ordered it, even if it does look like I am still wearing sunglasses. LOL!

 When I got home I had packages delivered the next day, I bought a big box of scraps and here are a few pics of what was inside........
 and more goodies......there was fabric with chickens, paper clips, big funky flowers, about a fat eighth worth of popcorn fabric( MMM taking a break to go throw a bag in the microwave) can you see it towards the bottom? Sorry these pics aren't turned, my monitor on my laptop died Thursday evening, so I am borrowing hubbies computer, and he doesn't have the very easy to use photo editing software.
 Ok since I thought we were coming home Monday, I took the day off of work, but we ended up comig home Sunday so dear daughter could be in class by 12:30 and turn in her project worth 20% of her grade. I had LOTS of free time on Monday to quilt after hubby went to work at 2:30pm.
See this pile of little triangles..notice they are half of a square inch, well these are the results from finishing the top of my Layer Cake quilt along!!! Woo Hoo

And here is the finished top. The sashing and borders are really deep purple.
It is kinda hard to notice in this pic that there are tiny little stars in the sashing and that is what made that pile of little triangles. By the way, if you want that pile of triangles, send me an email with your address, and I will be glad to send them to you. There are12 different colors in that pile. Otherwise I am trashing them possibly. Oh I love how this one turned out. All from my stash, and my very first quilt along too.
 Ok and then today I made some more string blocks for the RRCB, yes I am still working on that one. I hate string blocks!! I have been trying to make myself do at least one while I contemplate what I want to work on. Today I made 3 of them. Then see this pile of bright beauties? Well there are 52 different 5inch squares in this pile, and I have 3 identical piles. I cut 52 white squares today, and paired them up with one stack, keep watching to see what I am going to do with these. But then.........
 @ 9:30pm it was still 78° in my sewing room, 86° outside, I had had enough, had to come back downstairs and cool off. I am too cheap to turn on the A/C quite yet.

So what have you been working on lately? Find anymore cool quilt alongs to do?? Please share.


Mrs A said...

Hi there Ann Marie, sounds like you had a great time, my hubbie likes to ride his harley around the country too, he's a cruising sort of guy! I love your quilt, it so vibrant, well done, i will get out my sewing stuff again tonight, after having my break for a month im in withdrawal!

Jeri Landers said...

That is a wonderful quilt top and I really love the colors. I started a quilt over 25 years ago, finished it 3/4 of the way and never picked it up again... It is still sitting tidily in my old trunk full of things to do. The shame of it is, I was a pretty good quilter, teeny tiny perfect stitches!

Quilter Kathy said...

I LOVE your layer cake quilt! It is so classy looking and the border fabric is beautiful!

Myra said...

A lovely quilt top Ann Marie! 8-)