Monday, April 18, 2011

My winnings

On Friday or Saturday, can't even remember which anymore, I got my winnings from those two giveaways I won a week or so ago.

First off I opened a envelope that had 12 5inch batik squares, aren't they just gorgeous!!! I am getting ready to make a batik quilt, so I have been collecting some batik, I hope these make it into the quilt!!!!

Then I won these FABULOUS 15 fat quarters!!!!!!!! WOW! I went shopping right afterwards, and ordered some more to go with it! There are a lot more than just these 15 designs in the line, so I ordered some of the ones I was missing.

 The turquoise got "flashed out" in the pic, much deeper than this.

Then yesterday evening, turned around while surfing the net and this is what I saw............usually there are only 3 in this little room, and Bailey managed to fit her big ol butt under my husbands desk, while he was sitting there, and then set her head on Riley's, fat a$$.

Today at lunch they all came in and got quiet right away, turned around and this is what I saw. Hershey

curled up with Gumby, and her head on the bear as a pillow, and Reesie and Riley sleeping next to each other as well. Bailey was right outside the door as usual.

As much trouble as these 4 give me sometimes, it just amazes me when I see them like this. Love it!!!


annmarie said...

Awwwwwwww! Gotta love those doggies. I won some of the batik charms too but those FQ's got them beat by a mile!

Dee said...

Nice winnings, especially those fat quarters. I cherish those pictures I get of my pets too. It's hard to get them all together like that.

Marg said...

What beautiful fabrics, I love the batiks and can understand why you bought some more of the second fabrics, they are very pretty.
Great pics of the dogs, lots of wigggly goodness in there.

Jenny said...

wow! that is a lot of dogs...guess I dont have to ask about your blog name!!
ha ha
anyway...i have your box of scraps ready to go, but i need your address.
please send me an email with that info!

Cherry Red Quilter said...

Gorgeous fabrics but even more gorgeous pups! Give em all scratch from me!

Myra said...

Great wins you've got there! Lovely fabrics!! 8-)

Wowsers! You've got lots of big fur around you there! What fun!!! lol! As I sit here with my 2 little fur bundles... 8-)

Happy Easter!