Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Just took the Strawberry Rhubarb pie out of the oven and put in the deep dish apple pie! MMMM MMMM Good. Remembered to talk to my dad about shipping me some Rhubarb plants too. Should have them by next week. Going to build me a small garden to plant what we eat a lot of.

Been doing some sewing here and there. It had been pretty hot in my sewing room on the third floor. Yesterday was nice though, When I went up there it was 86° and 100% humidity, 2 1/2 hours later it was only 72° and barely any humidity. Woke up this morning and it was only 58° YIPPEEE.  I was suppose to bake these pies yesterday but didn't feel like going to the store for some tapioca, so I went on my way home today. But I did work on those brightly colored squares, they are hanging on the design wall right now. Been stringing a lot of those string blocks I hate to do for the RRCB, going to do a tally count this weekend and see if I am at least to the halfway point or not. Got a few more blocks on the Raven Stars done too. Binded a few of the hotpads, not impressed at all with my work on those, the premade binding was too small. Maybe I will either buy some bigger stuff or sew two strips of that together and use it that way. I have another mystery I am starting, the one out of the Quiltmaker magazine with Debbie Caffery.( I think that is how it is spelled). So many other quilts sitting on the drawing board just isn't enough time to cut them all out and sew them all back together. I sooo wish I was retired.

I should go sew, but got one more pie in the oven and a massive headache brewing. So I will wait till tomorrow. Tomorrow is also Cinco de Mayo and our sit n stitich, hmmm I wonder what I should bring with me tomorrow. I don't think I have any hand work to do right now. Maybe some colored pencils and coloring sheets for a quilt design?

Just wanted to check in to say Hello, and I am still alive. How is everyone else doing?


Cherry Red Quilter said...

mmmmI can just about smell that pie!

Myra said...

Mmmmm... rhubarb!!! pies!!! rhubarb pies!!! Yum!

Good you are getting some stitching done! 8-)