Tuesday, May 10, 2011

IPad saves the day

Well about 2 weeks ago the screen on my laptop went out, well it is actually the chip on the mother board overheated. Seems it does it a lot on my high dollar model. So waiting for hubby to fix that and this morning the fan on his desktop graphics card went out and it overheated! Maybe it is time to break down and turn on the A/C! Well dear hubby took the two old laptop the girls used all thru middle school and high school and made one good one out of the two. We have used it many times while out in the woods never had a problem till today, turned it on an tried to log into facebook first, well whenever i typed anything into the row of numbers it would 5 items isn the row. Needless to say you have no idea on what passcode you are typing. So i couldn't get into Facebook or blogger. Too hot to go sew, and i don't dare turn on my computer sewing machine with the way everything else is dying around here, so i grabbed a handful of quilting books to go read downstairs where it is cooler and what do i see sitting on the table??? The IPad! Yippeeee, but now i have no desire to facebook or read blogger, well maybe a few blogs".....so looks like i will be out of touch for a little while, but the roofers are coming in the morning to revent the roof so maybe my electric bill wont hit $600 this summer. I have been doing some sewing chat wait to get back up there and really get busy again. What has everyone else been up to lately?


Mrs A said...

hi Anne Marie, my laptop just returned today after the hard drive carked it! the techie initially said it was the wireless card, so i didnt bother to back up data, grrr, now going through a list of stuff i might need to recover! Bloody computers! At least your hubs seems handy! Im getting back to the sewing too just need to organise myself...!

Wendy said...

I have had the heat sync unit replaced on my current laptop 3 times and now it is back to its overheating ways once again. I lost my monitor the first time but it hasn't gotten to the burnout stage yet with this one. Decided I'm going to just let it die and when it does, figure out something else. Interesting to find others with the same problem.