Thursday, June 2, 2011

Is it really June already?

Wait, didn't May just start? Wow time is flying by waaaay to fast, wish I knew how to slow it down. It has been 12 days since my last post, really? Let me try and think, what have I been doing for the past 12 days?

I have sewn a few more blocks for the raven stars quilt I am making.
 I have been stringy along like crazy....

don't like string blocks at all! I make myself do some of those almost daily before I begin something else I might want to do, or on days when I ask myself, what am I going to work on today? and I don't quite have an answer, I string. I want them done more than anything else I have going on, because I hate doing string blocks with a passion! These are for the RRCB, when I get these done, I need 600 HST, don't remember how many of those I have done, not too many that is for sure. I have found a few ways I am going to try to do them up quickly, will see which way I like the most, and then give everyone my feedback on those different ways of doing them. Then when I get this whole quilt top finished, I might do one out of all HST!!!

Remember the bright beauties? Well this is what they look like now.

50 of those along with 49 white 5 inch squares, and a small border. Looks really cool, except it is little!!! Very disappointed in how much this technique shrinks. Plus it hurts my hand something awful to cute around the Twister template too. It is a thick template, plus there is little rubber feet to help it from sliding, and holds it above the crisscrossing seams, but it is so thick that you can't cut the left side (right-handed) pushing away, it is too thick to let the blade go up against it, you have to come from the top down, or go all the way around..........well I couldn't walk around that table, I could go on two sides, but man it tweaked my hand something awful. So since this isn't even big enough for a crib size....I am going to make 3 more of these (torture) and hook the 4 together to make a lap quilt. I already have the bright beauties cut for 2 more sets, so I need to cut 50 more of those and then 150-  5 inch white squares, good thing I bought an entire bolt of  that nice white fabric some years ago when I seen it on clearance someplace, nice and thick (not that see thru crap) and I think I only paid $1.00 a yard for it too!!!

I have 1/4 of my Christmas table runner quilted......

.it is on my PhD list, and that list needs to be cleared by the end of June!!! Whoa.......I had 6 months to do this short list, and now I only have 28 days left!!! My O' My! I will finish my 3, I will finish my 3, I will I tell ya, I will!!! I also have Turtle Bay pinned and ready to roll it out next,

Then the Black white & Red one is sitting and waiting to be pinned as well, along with the Monochromatic yellow one

even though that one wasn't on my PhD list, it isn't going to go on a list except the start to finished in 2011 list!!

Other things I have in the works....still need to make a back for the Red & White one.

.....still need to make a back for my Layer Cake Quilt Along one, I had a piece of fabric I was going to use, but now that the top is done, I don't like that piece of fabric for the back anymore..........has that ever happened to you before????

......I know there is still at least 2 BAP blocks I haven't finished, but I did buy the center fabric, and got 3 of the 6 GO! dies I need to finish the center,

so until I get the other 3 (birthday coming up in August) I am in no hurry to finish the other two blocks, what is the point if you can't finish the whole top, right???

Oh and then there is this little bucket I started cutting out 2 inch diamonds, purple and white ones for a scrappy quilt ......more to come on that one later.
 Want to take any wild guess what I might be making with all these, I am sure I will need more, lots more. These were but from one strip of each of the purple fat quarters I have, and all the white ones came from my scrap bin only!

I have another idea in my head for the other nine scrap bins for a really cool scrappy quilt I don't see many of, but I need a lot of white to go with it, and since I don't have much of that left (don't want to use that thicker stuff), I just need to buy a bolt....looking for a coupon and a good sale first though, no hurry since it isn't started.
Then I have this pile calling my name........
I had flipped it, don't know why it flipped back, sorry......but I haven't found "THE" pattern yet to use this wonderful pile of fabrics, got any suggestions, send me a pic via email, or post me a link to a picture, that is all I need to make a flimsy, a photo and I am good to go. Turquoise and chocolate!
My computer is still broke, hubby says it is in a thousand pieces out in the travel trailer........safest place to work on it, so all the pieces will still be there to put it back together. no cats, and no dogs out there :D  Just got his computer back up and running yesterday, finally, and this one I am using at this time had to be rebuilt too.  Looked at buying a new one, an IMac, but didn't want to spend the $2000-$3000 on a new computer right now, too many other things needing to be done. Garage doors, A/C fixed in my truck for starters! Breaking heat records again this year already, and I don't do heat well at all, so I am making an appointment to get the A/C in the truck fixed ASAP, and the garage door guy is looking for a place that stocks 1/2 doors ( only 4 feet wide ones)

Wow this post got long, I need to stop by more often and fill you all in, but I think without having my own computer is what is messing everything up, especially when I didn't have "A" computer at all for a little while, and this one only has one shift key that works when it wants too, drives me bonkers. Well I started this post at 3am and  it is now 5am, I am going to attempt going back to sleep now that my leg quit cramping and flexing all over the place, maybe I will be able to get some sleep before that alarm goes off in 3 hours. Wish me luck, I might need it.

Oh and I just remembered, sit n stitch is tonight too. Took about 10 minutes just now to locate my tin with my project in purple project from back in February when my husband was in the hospital.

Finally got the other notion I needed to finish that project, so I am going to shoot to finish half of what I have left tonight.


Ann Marie said...

Wow! For 12 days you sure have been busy. Could it be from not spending time on the computer? ;)

Did you notice that one block in your bright beauties is turned the wrong way? Pointing it out in case you want to fix before you quilt it. I made one of those. You're right that they end up very small. Mine will probably be a table topper. What else to do with it?

Stray Stitches said...

You have done some amazing work in the last 12 days!

Dee said...

You sure have been busy! That sounds like at least a month's worth of work in just 12 days. I'm in the process of making a Twister quilt right now. The directions said it would shrink by a quarter to a third, but now I'm very curious as to how small it will be. Yours turned out very pretty!

Shay said...

I love string blocks. You dont really have to think when you're making them.

You've been flat out busy-I'm impressed.

I keep wondering where 2011 is disappearing to. Seems like it was only March last week.

LuAnn said...

Keep going on those string blocks and on the RRCB. I have the top finished and just last week I realized that it will fit on our king sized bed. So I'm going to add another border on the outside of the pieced one and then have it quilted. I got through the HSTs by just picking a number and doing that many each day until they were done. Hope to see yours finished soon. Also, I love your blurb up above the comment box, and I agree with you. I get emails that say things like thanks I really like the bright sashing, too. And most every time I have no idea what quilt they are talking about. Your quilts are great..lots of bright, happy colors.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

LOL! What an overload for the eyes & brain to process!

My GOODNESS girl! Not only is this post plump full, I also have to chuckle at the two most recent posts regarding more quilt-alongs. **chuckle** You're a girl after my own project simply isn't enough ;0)

Great progress on the Raven Stars, too.

Myra said...

Lots of PhDs, WIPs, UFOs to finish up there Ann Marie! Some great looking works/creations!!! Good for you!! 8-)

Looking at your first comment on this post, I too notice something you may want to fix. Sometimes an outside viewer can see these things as plain as day... Only thing is, I spot 2 blocks side by side twisted the wrong way there... Hey! It happens to the best of us! Better to fix it now, than to see and grumble about it after the quilt is done! 8-)

Keep up the good work! Oh, and there is only 13 days now, till the PhD challenge ends... Yikes!

Sharon M said...

Love your style. Love your colors. Another yo-yo lover!