Thursday, July 14, 2011

UFO bust list

Over at Blackberry Creek you can join the UFO bust 2011

 Now that the year is half over, I am checking to see where I stand as in getting rid of my UFO's. Especially since I keep starting new ones, but have finished almost all of them so far, or are still working on it isn't too much of a complete loss or would that be considered an addition, since I would be adding to my list?  Anyways, lets see where I stand:

I had this black red n white one, the top is done, waiting to be quilted.
 then there is my camper quilt............still need to make a back for this one
 this red white and blue one needs a back still
 this was RRCB, I have the strings done, woo hoo, the HST's are almost done from working on them this week, hoping to get it pieced together this weekend.

 then i have turtle bay, it is pinned waiting to be quilted.
 havent touched this lone star quilt still................looking for the right fabric.
 another red white and blue one needs to be pieced together and find a back
 this bright star one i havent' touched it either, but I think it just needs to be pieced together and find a back for it too.
 this giraffe park needs all the pieces stitched down then the borders added and quilted.
 this table runner is 100% finished!
 this is one of two that just needs to be quilted
 here is the second one
 then there is Moon all the courtyard blocks done, just need to do all the paper piecing blocks.......just need to put my mind to it, and get it done. but I am having too much fun doing other stuff.
 oh the Christmas pickle, forgot all about this is in a box on the shelf.
 I started this one this year and it is waiting to be quilted.
 I started this one this year too, and it is 100% finished and is the new you ever make the back of a quilt first??? I guess this one is reversable.
 this snowman one is pinned and waiting to be quilted.
 I started this one this is about 1/3 done.
This was a QAL, I need to make the back still
 I made this one from start to finish in a few days it is 100% done, not too bad from sketching to quilting.
 This one I started, then I made 3 more that need to be twisted still and sewn together.
 This is for a QAL that I just started a few weeks ago. Should have the top and back done soon, maybe this weekend.
 Just started this one too recently, got both sets of strips done, and have started to piece my blocks together. This is a filler project, to fill in my gaps when I don't want to work on anything else for now.

Lets see that is 23 plus I know there is another red white and blue one that needs the 12th block done, that is 24 , then there is my purple little diamonds one 25, My Tweets that I havent started on yet but I do have the fabric all picked out for it 26,  the dragon quilt makes 27, blocka palooza which is almost done with the top, i think I still have one block to sew together 28, cathedral window pillow is half done 29 and to finish off this long list is George the yo-yo monkey, all the yo-yo's are done, just need to make the head and sew it all together 30................Oh WOW!!! I have 28 more to get to 100%............I had better get sewing!!!
When was the last time you took count in what you have started?? You will be surprised when you start putting it into a list.


Mrs A said...

holy cow! your gonna be busy! I have two on the go at the moment, i am slowly working my way through them, 23 would do my head in!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I don't have the courage to make a list! You're braver than me. ;) Lots of lovelies (done or not) livin' at your house!

Susan @ Blackberry Creek said...

Love ALL your wonderful UFOs.

Barbara Anne said...

Your UFO quilts are wonderful and I am amazed at your sewing speed!! Applause!

I have the Moonglow pattern but have not even opened the package. I wanted to do the Santa table runner but never got that pattern.

RRCB? QAL? Should I know what these stand for? HST I do know!


Sue said...

Your projects are all lovely. My way of thinking is I have fun it doesn't matter how many projects I start, so long as I enjoy working on them. I have 14 sewing/quilting projects, two cross stitch projects and three knitting projects on the go at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Love your quilts, especially the first red, white and black one. Is there a pattern for it?

Jen said...

Wow, you do keep busy! It's nice to see others who have WIP in different stages!

Shay said...

Good Grief ...I love the Black and white and red quilt ...she's going to be a beauty when she's done.

That many UFO's would make me have a meltdown but I have complete confidence you can push through to some finishes. Good Luck..

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Whew! **pant-pant**
THAT is quite a list of projects....I may just have to follow suit.
The line about wondering if you'll finish the UFOs when you keep starting new projects made me smirk.

Deb said...

Would you believe my favorite is the giraffe park one? I love the coneflowers at the bottom of it. I hope you get everything done that you'd like to and have fun doing them!

scraphappy said...

Omg! It looks like you are going to be busy for quite a while! What a great collection of projects. Enjoy your quilting time.

A Spoonful Of Sugar said...

Lots of lovely projects here! The Lone Star Quilt is stunning.

Benta At SLIKstitches said...

Oh gosh, I am exhausted just looking at these! I think I probably have almost as many started projects, but I think mine have been pushed to one side earlier than yours! Can I just point out that the whirly gig (square dance?) flimsy has acfew twisted blocks? It is my favourite (apart from the Coke one which brought me here from SM) but it would be awful for you to finish it with some unwanted twists!