Sunday, July 10, 2011

My friends quilt pics, and Super Sewing Sunday 07-10-11

Wow Sunday again. Ever think so much about what you are going to do for days, that when the day finally arrives for you to do what you thought about, that you are already too tired, and don't feel like doing any of it??? Well I haven't been in my sewing room for 10 looooooooooong days now. So I finally got to go there today, and blah...... didn't really want to do anything! I did finally get the mojo going, but first............! My best friends quilt!!! Now I don't know if I ever told you or not, but she is a Coke addict.........big time.

Ok so this was the front, till I started working on the back..............then this ended up being the back when I was all done. Sometimes it just works that way ya know!!!

Remember when doing non reversible appliques to trace it in mirror helps, trust me on this one!
 Okie dokie, fixed that screw up and here it is all cut out and ironed on.

 The only 2 fabrics I had to buy to make this entire reversible quilt.
 I was winging this one, one part at a time. After getting the center done, I added the checkered border, and then cut a crap load of 10inch squares out of about 25-30 different white on white fabrics. Then I had to figure out what to do to break up all that white. Well my best friend has a very bubbly personality, and Coke has bubbles too, bubbles it is. Got out my trusty GO! and went to town with the 30+ red fabrics left over from the front, err back of the quilt.

 all glued on, cuz I got a little GO! happy and forgot to put the adhesive on them before I cut them out, oops. Did I tell ya I was in a hurry and had a deadline too. I had had surgery Monday, this was all on Tuesday, and I had to quilt it on Wednesday because we were leaving first thing Thursday morning. Well I got it all done, quilted (first big quilt I ever quilted) and bound. Threw it in the washing machine with 2 color catchers at 2:30am Thursday morning, as soon as it was washed and I got it in the dryer I went to bed. Woke up a few hours later, and pulled it out of the dryer, and on the road we went.

My best friend was OVER THE MOON with excitement when I gave her this quilt. I knew she would be.
 Here it is hanging over a half wall, and Minnie is hanging out on it.
 This is where it is hanging in her house for now till she can find someplace where no one will touch it. I told her to put it on the sofa, and let people use it. Hmmm, we will see.
 Here is some of her Coke collection in the kitchen.

Here I had hubby hold it out more, to get a better pic of it. It is pretty big when I got it all done. Bound it with the little black and white checks I bought. I think it turned out pretty good.......and Amy, loves it too!!!

Oh yeah while in the Atlanta area went to a fabric shop, and they had this cute lil quilt hanging outside.......adorable!
Ok so what DID I do today you want to know............lets see.....first thing, I sewed this block for our guild, it is going to be a quilt for a lady that just came to our local Veterans Home, we make all the ladies one.
 Then I started on my HST's for the RRCB. I cheated....kinda of. I printed the lines out on my light fabric, so I could just sew 24 of them at fast too!!!! Man I am glad I did it this way. By the way, freezer papers irons on at least 13 times....just sayin......
 This one above...the very last piece, I was so excited, I printed on the good side of the fabric...ooops. So I had to think about how it goes in and comes out, so I could print on the back side again, and hope the lines lined up....they did, about 1/8th inch off, it will be in the seam allowance. Whew!
 Can you see the 1/8th inch off part?
I layed them all out on the red fabric, right sides together, and cut out the red, a little bigger than actual size.
 I am not doing these scrappy, these will have all the same neutral, and all the same red too,.

 Here is the first way around the line.........flip it over to go the other way,
 and you get to the cutting table
 Ok all the lines up, down, back, and forth are all cut...........
 space them all apart..............and ta dah...........24 HST's in less than a minute!!!!!
 All pressed open, and chained pieced together in strips of 5.
Sewn on the RRCB block. 29 more to go. Oh, and as I sewed this one together, I realized, I only sewed 8 of the center part of these blocks I have 22 more of those to do too, 9 patches, corners are sewn and pressed, and so are the 2patch blocks. So not too bad. I am determined to finish this this weekend.

Then to give me a break from all this, I got out my Turquoise and white strips, and stitched all my whites with a turquoise strip, and then started the other side, and turned off the machine to come write this post. I will finish those tomorrow. I have to go back to work tomorrow :( so I had better get to bed, and soon....


Nana B said...

Wow-when your quilting mojo kicks in - look out! Coca-Cola Quilt - very cool.

Ellen said...

Love the Coke quilt - very creative! You have good mojo!!

Shay said...

The coke quilt is genius. Well done!

P. said...

Wow-ee! That is one fabulous Coke quilt! Brilliant.

Amy (lilme2_99) said...

Whew!!! Breathless after reading that post; once you get back at it, you REALLY get back at it! ;0)
That Coca-Cola quilt is AWESOME!!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the red "bubbles".

Madame Samm said...

This is fabulous my dear...and I don't even drink POP...listen, I need your address you won at stash manicure...the quilting bible..who says #1 never wins...blessings

Sarah @ Fabric Seeds said...

loving the classic look on the coca-cola side. the whole quilt looks great!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I want some of the vitamins you're taking! Great progress on all your projects... all of a sudden I'm thirsty for a Coke!

Susan said...

My daughter recently got a job with the Pepsi company. After seeing your Coke quilt....I have added making her a Pepsi quilt to my LONG list of things to do! :) Thanks for sharing!

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

I love your coca cola quilt!! I was wondering how big you made the words?


Sarcastic Quilter said...

It's all awesome... That Coke quilt is brilliant!