Sunday, August 7, 2011

Super Sewing Sunday 08-07-11

 Well I got quite a bit done today, and even quit 4 hours earlier than normal. Was at a point of boredom, or not knowing what to do next that I wanted to do. So I know it is best to quit at that point before you lose the MOJO. First I spent a couple hours making a back for another secret project quilt I made last week. Here is a sneak peek..........................
Sorry that is all I can show you for now.

 Then I got these 100 HST's pressed open. Chainstitched together in rows of 5, and now there are enough to sew them onto 5 of the 29 blocks I have yet to finish so I can start piecing together RRCB. Remember I want the top done before my birthday is here, and I am running out of time. If I do this each day this week. Then next Sunday I can spend the whole day piecing it together, and just in time too! Keeping the fingers crossed. I want this one off my ironing board, and my tablessssss. Then it can sit in the pile to be quilted.

 I am thinking I might use this bunch of fabric to do my Garden Fence QAL. Will think a little more on that subject. PS See Jethro stretched out in the background.
 Here is a closer view, of him hanging over the little scrap basket he is sitting in, with his arm all stretched out, like usual.
Just as I was about to turn out the light, here comes Ely Mae to start cleaning Jethro.....silly cats.

Normally during the week, I sew Mon, Tues, & Wed evenings. But this past week, I only did some sewing on Monday. I worked on the Rockin Row Robin. Here are all my fabrics cut out, stacked assembly line style next to the machine.

 Here they are layed out on the floor.

and here from the other end. There is no background fabric on these, didn't think about that till after it was all done. Oh well that is ok. Still have 3 more rows to do. Using scraps, takes along time to cut out all the pieces you need for a row. I will work more on these 3 rows again during this week as well.

I also have 20 shirts to embroider this week. I keep putting it off, and I need to just do it and be done with it. So I can give my friend his work shirts back to him.

The Happy Quilting Stars QAL starts tomorrow. Are you going to QAL too????


Barb said...

wow, you are sewing up a storm....amazing...and love it all!!

Ricki said...

Wow, you've been really busy! It all looks so great!

Cathy (Corbin) Keevill said...

Ann Marie: I had no idea that you were a famous blogger and pattern designer! Thank you so much for fitting testing my patterns into your busy life. I am now a follower and have back-read a bunch of your posts. I love your work.

Ellen said...

Wow - love the orange fabric and your RRR blocks! Kitties are too cute.

Kath said...

Loving that orange!
I did smile at the cats, I was just complaining to my husband that our dogs have to poke their nose in everything I do LOL

Kristen said...

I love the square blocks! It's a neat idea to swap in rows.

Cute little guys too!

Brita said...

100 HST's? Holey moley! That takes more patience than I have :-) Love the kitties, too. Whoop Whoop!

Sarah Craig said...

My goodness, Ann Marie, you've stayed busy this week! Whoop whoop for you!! (And I love that backing material!)

LynCC said...

very cool blocks