Sunday, October 30, 2011

I am back.........

Did you all miss me for the past two weeks?? I missed everyone else, that is for sure. Where have I been. Well I have been in the Ocala National Forest for a whole week. We met up with over 500 other Geocachers, and spent great time in the woods with friends having a blast. Did a  lot of Jeepin, playing in the mud. Got covered in bugs, don't know if they were chiggers, or seed ticks,  but they were itsy bitsy teeny tiny, and I had THOUSANDS of them all over me, and I mean THOUSANDS of them, just me, no one else. After about 40 feet of duck tape, and more than a half can of bug spray, and me drippy wet, stinky, and sticky, we moved on. Got back to camp a few hours later, and everything I was wearing went into a trash bag, tied shut, and put all the way across camp into the back of the truck. I woke up with one bite the next morning, and by the end of the week, I only had 80. Considering how many of those nasty little critters I had on me, 80 was pretty good. Oh and they itched like there was no tomorrow, like you could scratch yourself to the bone, and they would still itch. Didn't get much sleep for an entire week. could be why I enjoyed my nap this afternoon so much.

Or maybe it was the freshly laundered sheets too!  I LOVE the smell of fresh laundry!!!!

But I am back, and we are back to our routines again. Unfortunately, that also means back to work too. Finally made it to my sewing room today, I hadn't been up there for 2 weeks now. All my blue and white 4 patches, and HST's were still pinned on the board, and numbered too. Thank god I numbered them, otherwise I would have forgotten what in the world I was doing with all those.

Let's see I have 192 pieces that make up 96 HST's in 24 different colored blues, I have 576 main colored 2 inch squares sewn into 144 4-patches, I also have 384 2 inch squares sewn in 96 4-patches of the other colors of blue. All to make a total of 48 blocks...........have 15 blocks done so far today. Should hopefully finish the rest either tomorrow or the next day. Taking a traditional pattern and putting a twist on it. Hopefully it looks as good as what is in my head. Sorry no pics today, gotta find my camera.

Also Bonnie Hunter will be making fabric selection announcements on Tuesday for this years mystery..........are you ready?????


Wendy said...

Ugh, those bugbites do not sound like fun. Happy quilting!

Heather and Kathy said...

Ugh, bugs! I am glad you didn't have thousands of bug bites, but yuck, 80 is an awful lot. I am glad you had a good time though! Did you take lots of pictures?


joe tulips said...

Ahhh...geocaching! a person can endure so much more if there is caching involved! Were these bugs like the no-see-ums? they leave a big welt that itches for a long time. Calamine lotion is your best friend?