Sunday, October 16, 2011

Super Sewing Sunday 10/16/2011

Hello everyone! First off.....the other day while eating dinner. I happen to look to the left into the kitchen and this is what I saw.......

Doesn't Riley look pitiful?????

The past few days I have been reading everyone's blogs of everyone having one of those days! has creep to the Florida panhandle too.........But I expected it, and it only annoyed me a little bit. Ok sometimes, when the machine was eating my corners, I wanted to push the pedal to the floor and hold it there till the machine broke a needle or something..........but I knew that wouldn't solve anything, so I didn't. I breathed in deep, took a few seconds to ask "Why me?" and started again. Patience pays off.

Remember that quilt I cut out last weekend. Well I have most of it sewn into pieces ready to put the puzzle together now. This is what the ironing board looked like. HST's and 4 patches, lots of em too. Doesn't look like much in this photo, but you start ironing all those............they are like rabbits I tell ya!

Got the 4 patches pinned to the board so I don't screw it up putting it together........all the colors are numbered too.

This is all the HST's left to sew together............about 10 sets of 8.
Did you see those white strips in that photo........I kept thinking to myself, how in the world did I screw up the math that bad. Oh well. I also kept thinking that WOW those 4 patches went quickly. Wellllllll just realized, I only sewed 2 of each color and I need 4, was wondering why I had such a long tail leftover. I was going to use them in the border someplace. I will have to subcut my blue and white strips to make more 4 patches. When I took this pic, I thought ah ha, that is what those white strips are for, but NO.....I already have the white sewn to the blue. So I guess I just couldn't do math last Sunday. I will still have some left over to make a checkerboard of somesort...........we will see.

p.s. Yes those feet belong to Jethro!

I won't be getting any more sewing done for the next 2 weeks so you won't hear from me next weekend. But I will shout out to you all the following weekend, or maybe in the middle of next week sometime. Till then may your ripper sit in peace and you sew like you stole the machine!

Oh yeah, this past weekend was my 25th year class reunion, I didn't get to go this time around. It has been one of those years. But my question is...........Am I really that old already? Where did all the time go?!


Kath said...

Oh poor Riley, he does look like he's in the "dog house". Was it because he had eaten all his biscuits?

Barb said...

Love your quilt.....and well....stuff math is not good and well....sometimes my quilting proves it.

Myra said...

Poor Riley wants some treats... LOL!

We all have one of those days once in a while... it was just your turn...

What you are creating will look awesome in your blues and whites! 8-)