Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday of catching up.............11/13/2011

Now that I am back from vacation and slowly getting back into things, I figured I would start by clearing up some of the mess that was laying around, and find out where Myra's mystery went. Yes I have been following, I am behind though and no I haven't blogged about it. Originally I picked out  LOTS of rainbow batiks, Myra listed her colors as a neutral, a print and 3 colors from the print.................hmmmmm, don't know if my rainbow will work. Step one was to make 3 blocks of my desire, I wasn't sure what I wanted to make. (I know now, but haven't made them) Then when step 2 came out, I changed my color selection to something I think would work better. Made all my 4 patches.
This is only some of them.
Then I did step 3, got all those HST with a square in it done too. 
Then life got in the way..............
Let's see then step 4 came out the Thursday before I went on vacation, I don't sew Thursday, Friday or Saturday for the most part. Then I went on vacation, came back and completely missed step 5. Then all of a sudden there was the final step............WHOOOAA, I had better get busy. It just so happens that one of the other QAL that I have been following came out with a block last week, that I am going to use for step one on this QAL too.  Myra has been wondering if I am indeed even following along, (It is a great easy quilt to make if you need one in a hurry.) I am making it a mystery to her what the final looks like, hehehe.. I am not the only one doing this either. So today, my Super Sewing Sunday has been catching up with steps 4, 5, and 6. To get this one done. Spent a lot of time making flying geese, I love to make mine the "no-waste" way.

 My quilt will be more scrappy controlled, instead of really controlled with only 5 fabrics. But so far it is looking pretty good. I am now seeing where I could have went more scrappy, next time. Yes, I think I will make this one again too. That is all the sneak peek you get today Myra, should have it done tomorrow though. :D

I need to really get some of these other projects OFF my table and FINISHED. Psycho cat Ely Mae, keeps dragging stuff off the tables and ironing board and leaving them all over the house, and I mean all over. 3 stories worth of all over! I find something else several times a day, scraps, pieces of blocks, whole blocks, chain pieced sets of blocks waiting to be ironed, fat quarters, even yardage. Maybe she is giving me a hint to spend more time up there. Maybe. This is what I picked up around the house in the past two days!

All of that, and see those white and blue pieces, not all at the same time either.
Jacob's Ladder blocks are all done, rows pinned together waiting to be chain pieced into a lovely top. Had them all pinned to the design board but that crazy cat kept pulling the pins out or pulling the blocks off with the pins still in them and either just leaving them all over the floor or dragging them all over the house. Didn't want anyone or any of the animals to get a pin stuck in their foot so I took them all off the board and safety pinned them together. Isn't the whole point of a design board so you don't have to pin???? Not in this house. LOL

Saturday I went shopping for my Secret Santa Swap person. I hope she is excited at getting what I am going to send to her, as I was shopping for it, and what I am going to make for her too. I have 3 weeks to put it all together and get it in the mail. SOOOOO exciting!!! Pics in a week or so for this one.

Oh yeah, you know it wouldn't be a complete blog post without pics of some of my helpers, here they were today...........


Myra said...

Holy smokes Ann Marie!! Your sewing room is on fire with activity there! Wow! Good for you!! Sounds like lots to catch up with!! You go girl! LOL!

Another "mystery" being hidden from me!?! Sheesh!! You gals are all alike!! Oh boy...

Sounds like your furry little helpers there have been having fun with your display wall goodies!! Mine like to pick pieces off the bottom of my wall, and run through the house, with, of course, me chasing them down!! LOL!

Happy stitching! 8-)

scraphappy said...

Good luck getting caught up, looking good so far. Hope you find time to fit it all in.