Monday, November 14, 2011

They're baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

Oh those nasty sewing machine Gremlins!!!

You know the have been sewing for an hour or so, then wham! They make you come to an abrupt halt when the machine won't go anymore. Needles get broke, thread gets all knotted up, fabric gets stuck in the machine..............and it is always when you only have about 30 more minutes to go to finish up the project. You haven't changed a thing in the past 30 minutes or so, maybe not even in the past what gives?  Well I did all I could. Then I just walked away. (After making sure all my little pieces were hidden so the psycho cat can't steal them) Now tomorrow when I go back to my room, the machine will probably sew just fine like it always does, if not, well I will dig out the other machine and finish my top I am almost done with.  Till then, I am going to clear some shows off the DVR, yes I do have some time that I do get to watch TV. It just isn't my favorite thing to do. Have a great evening.


Karen said...

I want to know just how it is that these gremlins know exactly when to attack? They have amazing timing!

QuiltSue said...

Don't you just hate it when they come out to play like that. They have a well-developed sense of timing.

Heather and Kathy said...

I have a sewing project I have to do coming up and I hope that doesn't happen to me!!! I hope they go away and let you finish your project!


I'm Myra said...

Gremlins are indeed a pain... Used to have them visit with my Kenny (Kenmore)... So far so good with my Pfaffy though!!