Saturday, December 31, 2011

I want to wish all of you............

A Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!!!

I am very glad that this year is about over, and hope not to repeat all the bad things that happened this year. I am looking forward to next year being the best year yet. Hopefully in the next day or so, I can get back to blogging, sewing and the normal. I need to do a recap for myself on what got done and what didn't in 2011. What I want to accomplish in 2012 as well. I am keeping to the same resolution as last year, shop my stash first, and use as many scraps as possible. I did REALLY good last year, used about 1/4 of my stash up and probably bought less than 20 yards of fabric all year long. Most of that was for backs or backgrounds, or a certain color in fat quarters. I bought more thread than anything. Woo Hoo for me. 
I spent a half hour the other day cleaning up my sewing room (too tired to sew or cut). Got all my quilt tops, and ready to be quilted quilts in piles again so I can see where I am at ease. Trashed my room on Christmas with my mom and sister, more than it was, yes it was possible. Plus Jethro is still dragging fabric all over the house and I put it in a bag, then take it and dump it in the middle of the table. Imagine dumping all your scraps on the floor.....that is what the table looks like right now. It is covering the sewing machine too. Oh my!!

So I hope you all have a fabulous 2012, look for lots of sewing in the new year, lots of sewing!!!


Shay said...

I hope 2012 is a bonza year for you Ann Marie!

Kath said...

Happy New Year Anne Marie, looking forward to seeing what you do next!ps my table looks just like yours today :-)