Monday, December 26, 2011

Time to relax

I hope everyone had a very very Merry Christmas and got everything they wanted too. Me I got lots of fabric and some gift cards too!! :D (more on that later)

There is this wonderful giveaway for 15 HALF YARDS of fabric, go here! Then make sure you have time to will take you a while to window shop. Here is what I put together for now.

If you want to know what all these are they are:
1. mo Florentine-11514-183-200
2. mo Florentine-11513-183-200
3. mo Florentine-11517-183-200
4. mo Florentine-11515-183-200
5. mo Stonehenge-3956M-87-450
6. mo Florentine-11518-161-200
7. mo CreameryNeutrals-7512-33-450
8. mo Florentine-11518-16-200
9. mo FairyFrost-CM0376-FOGX-D-450
10. mo Florentine-11512-199-200
11. mo AllBright-8804-213G-450
12. mo Northwoods-7030-69-450
13. mo BellaSolids-9900-67-200
14. mo BellaSolids-9900-68-450
15. mo BellaSolids-9900-180-450

Hopefully I will be back to normal schedule this week. Hope someone else got lots of sewing done the past month, I didn't get hardly any done.

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Pepe said...

Wow! So sophisticate! I like it!

Anonymous said...

Your choices would be great for either a manly quilt or an elegant one for a formal sitting room. Nothing formal in my house, but I still like your selection!